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The reasonably priced Mercedes-AMG A 35 saloon is finally here • Gear Patrol

Today, Mercedes introduced the AMG A 35 sedan, the performance variant of the new entry-level class A. And apart from the rear roofline, it is almost identical to the much sought-after AMG A 35 hatch, which is sold in Europe. Unlike this car, we get the sedan here in the States.

The AMG A 35 has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo with 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque and an AMG-tuned 7-speed gearbox, which gives all four wheels power, through a coordinated four-wheel drive from 4MATIC shift from 100 percent rear-wheel drive to 50-50 front to back. Mercedes gave no top speed, but announced that accelerates AMG A 35 in 4.7 seconds of 0-60 miles per hour.

A useful option for enthusiasts is "AMG Track Pace". The virtual race engineer will track 80 different vehicle-specific data points. In addition to measuring their hot laps, drivers can record new tracks in the system and follow an ideal driving line, which is displayed on the multimedia display and optional head-up display.

Mercedes has not given any pricing, but we can assume that buying an AMG vehicle in the US will be considerably cheaper. Rationally, the AMG A 35 would start somewhere between the $ 3200 A 220 sedan and the $ 55 435 C 43 AMG sedan. The split of the difference to $ 45,000 would equate the AMG A 35 with the hatchback price in Europe and the next rival of the car, the Audi S3.

If the A-Class is to be a Baby S-Class, the AMG A 35 should be just as convincing a baby version of the other AMG sedans, especially with a 0-60mph time equivalent to some of its larger brothers is in the middle range of four seconds.

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