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The reentry facility of the China Space Lab has been established in the last 2 hours

According to sources from Beijing, Space
Authorities said China's first experimental space laboratory is expected to fall behind
to Earth between the 31st of March and the 4th of April and should burn in the atmosphere.
Accordingly, Tiangong-1 has officially stopped sending data and has entered its data
Final phase of life on 16 March. Currently Tiangong or Heavenly Palace is
Orbiting at an average altitude of about 216.2 km, the announcement noted, however

Meanwhile, a Chinese space expert told the state Global Times that this is the case
It is impossible to name the exact place of reentry at this time. He said that
The approximate reentry point can only be set in advance in the last two hours
it starts to fall on the basis of international precedents. Previously, the lab was done
her main responsibilities after returning Shenzhou-1

0 in June 2013. In addition, the
celestial vehicle successfully docked with Shenzhou-8, Shenzhou-9 and
Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and undertook a series of experiments.

  China Space Lab reentry only two hours before the case

decided. In addition, Tiangong-1 performed experiments during his extended flight
in space technology, space-earth remote sensing and space environment
Exploration. China plans to finalize its space station, according to the latest report
Rival Mir, the Russian space station is currently in orbit by 2022

  China Space Lab re-entry site only two hours before the case finally decided

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