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The restaurant says the customers left the server and read "Don tipp immigrants".

The owner of a restaurant in New Jersey speaks after clients allegedly did not leave a tip and indicated "tip for immigrants" on the back of a receipt because their server spoke Spanish.

The incident took place last week, but Santiago Orosco, owner of Under the Moon Café, reported on Facebook over the weekend. In the post, Orosco said that the customers seemed to have a good culinary experience, and commented on the good service before leaving the note and not leaving a tip.

"While our server was closed for the evening and the sales notes were reconciled, she noticed that these customers had written a note on the back of their bill saying" DON'T TIP IMMIGRANTS. "I can only do that assume that they have heard that our American multilingual server spoke Spanish with another employee, "wrote Orosco on Facebook. "I am deeply shocked by this blatant ignorance."

Orosco calls himself a "very proud immigrant," and the server he claims was an immigrant customer was born in the US, of Spanish descent and bilingual.

"I strongly believe that immigrants make a significant contribution to our society and that I am gay, Under the Moon we accept all human beings, but not ignorance and discrimination Do not come back !!! "Orosco also wrote in the post.

In a separate interview with KYW-TV, Orosco said the waitress burst into tears after seeing the news.

"Sadly, because of the world we live in, racism is more out there right now, but it's by no means acceptable," he told the station.

The incident has national attention and comparisons with similar ones In 2018, a video of a man threatening to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Spanish-speaking guests in a restaurant became viral and sparked setbacks by Liberals and Conservatives last year In Colorado, a woman was arrested for alleged biased harassment after being confronted with talking Spanish in a women's business

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