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The Rise in Same-Day Delivery Services and its Impact on Couriers


In recent years, the way deliveries are handled has changed dramatically. It seems like a lifetime ago that you’d order something and have to wait 7-10 working days to receive it. Now, not only can you buy whatever you need instantly online, but you can also benefit from same-day delivery.

While next-day delivery tends to be the most popular option, the availability of same-day deliveries is extremely convenient for customers. The question is, what impact has the rise in same-day delivery services had on couriers across the country?

What has caused the rise in same-day deliveries?

There are a few factors which have contributed towards the rise in same-day delivery services. After the introduction of next-day deliveries, it was clear consumers preferred a speedier delivery approach. While some do still prefer to wait 3-5 days for delivery, others want the goods they order quickly.

Millennials have largely contributed to the rise in speedier deliveries. This generation are used to getting things quickly and constantly seem to be in a rush. They demand more from the services they use. So, given that millennials hold a lot of buying power, it’s unsurprising companies are looking at ways to keep them happy, such as same-day deliveries.

How is it impacting couriers?

Although same-day deliveries are great for customers, they aren’t always great for couriers. The logistics of getting parcels delivered the same day can be tricky. Even larger courier companies can struggle to keep up with demand, especially during busy holidays.

What it means, is that courier companies who do offer these same-day services, need to have a solid and reliable logistics system in place. It also means courier companies who aren’t offering same day services could be missing out on a lot of business.

What does the future hold?

So, what does the future hold in terms of same-day deliveries? Well, according to experts, the market is set to rise further by the year 2026. Businesses are looking at partnering with manufacturing companies to help manage their inventory and warehouse. This will allow them to better offer same-day delivery services.

Overall, same-day deliveries are popular today. Ideal for those who need their goods quickly, the same-day market is only going to increase in popularity over the next decade. So, if courier companies want to keep up, now is the time to start looking into developing a strong, reliable same-day service.