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The risks to the outlook remain down

ECB President Mario Draghi speaks in Frankfurt

  • The ECB does not have the tools to fulfill the mandate
  • The domestic economy has remained relatively stable Interest rate forecast for delays in inflation convergence
  • When the Risk to wage growth could be curbed more than expected
  • The effects of the appreciation of exchange rates have now reversed
  • Downside risks do not occur
  • Stay confident that the steady adjustment of inflation to the Target rather delayed than derailed


Much of this was said at the ECB meeting / press conference earlier this month, but he sounds a little more optimistic when he mentions the resilience of the economy and that they are confident that they will reach their inflation target. 1

9659011] That means there are still many challenges, and that will keep their hands tied for the most part. The EUR / USD has reduced its previous losses from 1.1250 to currently 1.1265.

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