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The rock formation of Fortnites Wailing Woods is moving

With all the new changes to the Season 7 card, it can be difficult to keep track.

The rock formation built like a human in Wailing Woods just seemed like a cool little spot, but could be a bit more now.

At the start of the season, the skirt looked like he was in a conversation, but now it looks more like the surprised Emoji.

Reddit user PM_ME_YOUR_GRAPHICS_CARDS pointed out the change and surprised many people.

idk, when talked about, but a rock formation between tomato and lamentation became locomotion from FortNiteBR

This small change, while not groundbreaking, could point to another change.

This could be a kind of "Kevin the Cube" situation in which the rock moves on the map.

It might just be a small change and will stay in one place, but the position will change a few more times.

This feels like it's almost too easy for Epic and they probably have an interesting story in the works. [1

9659003] With people paying attention to the rock formation now, we'll be sure to get updates if anything changes.

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