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"The Rockstar" vs. "The Rock": Warren and Biden rushed towards the collision

   Elizabeth Warren

With Sen. Elizabeth Warren rising in polls since the late spring and vice-president Joe Biden taking off, Warren's message ignites progressive tendencies. | Mario Tama / Getty Images

SEATTLE – Elizabeth Warren starred the masses, Joe Biden.

The split-screen story of one of the most intriguing match-ups of the Democratic presidential primaries is a stark contrast of style and substance.

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On Sunday, Warren was on the biggest stage of her presidential campaign for a rally that drew an estimated 15,000 people across the country. Biden led a series of intimate, muted events in New Hampshire and Iowa, with crowds of hundreds present.

Warren awakened her followers with demands for major structural change, "and the crowd roared with songs of" Two Cent! Two cents, "while Warren spoke with two fingers in the air about her 2 percent wealth tax. Biden hit President Donald Trump flat. His campaign subtly and vividly reminded voters that in polls he was consistently the best candidate in the general election party, and the best candidate for the general election party was Primary's frontrunner.

The parallel portrayals of two of the three leading Democratic candidates offered a possible preview of the collision course that is emerging as Biden and Warren maintain their current trajectory; the cerebral candidate of big, brave plans against the senior statesman, who offers himself as a safe haven for people who simply want to return to normalcy before Trump.

Warren rises in the polls and Biden's lead is declining since late spring. Your message is progressive.

"Warren is on fire," said Howard Dean, who in 2004 conducted a Warren-style campaign as a non-excusing progre outsider.

But Dean flared up against John Kerry 15 years ago, reflecting the preference of primary voters to nominate the safe election to challenge the president of the opposition party, who stands for reelection. And Dean, who is neutral in the race, admitted that Biden could benefit from similar circumstances in this cycle.

The primary, he said, will result in the element in the party that wants real change, and the element that is just wants to beat Trump. "Right now, Democrats are more focused on beating Trump, and those voters prefer Biden the most.

But today's Democratic Party is far more progressive and Warren is far better organized than 2004, he added.

"There has been a big change at sea," said Dean. Democratic voters are "much more in color and they are much more feminine and they are young." And Biden is not a Kerry, he said, "Biden is the old establishment, but he's right because he was Obama's vice president.

Following a speech delivered on Friday in Biden on the shores of Loon Lake, New Hampshire, former US State Department candidate John Streeter summed up the contrast between the two candidates.

"Warren is a rock star," Streeter said.

And Biden?

"Joe Biden is a rock," said Streeter. "We know him."

Given that Biden is at the forefront of polls and the number of influential Democrats, his campaign has grown tired of using reporters and critics – including Trump – as a benchmark for his assessment. 19659004] "Are we worried about Elizabeth Warren's crowd? No, we are not. I understand it's easy to measure or display, "said Pete Kavanaugh, Biden's deputy campaign manager and point man in the early states.

"Some people – not the local press, but the national press – are wondering" Why did you have only 130 people in Prole on Wednesday? " Well, it's a city of 900 people, "Kavanaugh said." We believe this is strategically important in the Caucus, we do not travel to Cedar Rapids and Des Moines on every trip, I understand it, it would be nice, every day However, it does not matter on February 3. "

Despite this, Biden's advisors take Warren seriously, and others on the team have privately acknowledged that they see Warren as his strongest challenger among the nearly two dozen Democrats

Where Biden dominates with traditional campaign donors, Warren is building a small money machine that makes it more of a financial threat than many expected.

In June, Warren raised $ 7.8 million from 320,000 donations, according to ActBlue , the online donation tool, Biden has raised $ 2.2 million from 111,000 donations. (This is the latest information available on the site.) Her small dollar appearances went in opposite directions, with Biden's best days in the week of his start, and Warren gaining momentum over time.

But during Biden z Now that the centrist, established path largely belongs to itself, Warren still has Bernie Sanders in her progressive lane. Sanders has an even bigger army with small dollars and this week attracted large crowds in Sacramento, California, and Louisville, California. The two are projecting similar messages, ranting against the ultra-rich, and asking people to join a broader movement in a subtle way to meet Biden by warning them of incrementalism.

Biden's campaign does not see Sanders growing as much as Warren. But Biden's stock sees Warren and Sanders' continued strength as an asset that restricts each other's ability to expand their support base. Sander's campaign believes he can use Biden's support because of the demographic overlap between their constituents.

The two African-American candidates of the breed, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, have so far been unable to supplant Biden's solid lead Black voters, which give Biden a huge advantage, especially in South Carolina and other southern states.

Biden's campaign also believes that his core message, to give Trump priority and nostalgic reference to President Obama, resonates well with Democratic voters.

We must go beyond our party. We have to unify the country. We need to restore the soul of the nation, "Biden said on Saturday to about 300 attendees at Keene State College, New Hampshire.

"We must be a nation that values ​​honesty and decency and treats everyone with respect and dignity. Asked by spectators how they would deal with Trump, Warren replied," We will not win you with just one win added that the hat is ugly, we can call it out. But that's not enough. It is not enough not to be Trump. "

Warren and Biden are also fighting in style.

He snakes off the message and sometimes distorts his facts. At his first weekend stop at Dartmouth College, Biden entered into a discussion about the instability of the 1960s and early 1970s. But he falsely cited the fatal number of deaths during Kent's shootings and unexpectedly wondered that would have happened if Obama had been assassinated and confused New Hampshire because he is in Vermont.

On the stump, Warren is determined to message. Where Biden stands as an extension of Obama's presidency, Warren rarely mentions the last Democratic president. Her campaign markets her as a leader of a movement and sells "I'm a Warren Democrat" T-shirts. Some of their organizers refer to the Hamilton music poetry: "This is not a moment, it is the movement."

Liberal hotspots like Seattle are also responsible for large, attention-grabbing crowds. As in her other speeches, Warren framed her campaign on Sunday as an opportunity for Democrats to move forward, invoking earlier efforts by suffragettes, union organizers, and foot soldiers for civil rights.

"But they did not quit, they organized themselves, they built a grassroots movement, existed and they changed the course of American history," she said. "This is our moment in the American History, Dream Big, Fight Hard, Let's Win. "

Marc Caputo from New Hampshire and Alex Thompson from Seattle, Maggie Severns contributed to this report.

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