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The Royals are sold and their fans should be cautious

Ned Yost and David Glass in 2017.
Photo : Ed Zurga ( Getty ) [19659004] Baseball still has to be a pretty good deal for all its supposed problems . Before the sale of the Marlins two years ago, an MLB franchise had not been on the market since 2012 . But the Kansas City Royals are now on the block, with owner David Glass reportedly negotiating in advanced negotiations to sell the team for more than $ 1 billion to a group owned by Indian minority owner John Sherman to be led.

t finalized, and the royals made a statement that they would not comment The and ESPN reports treat this as anything but a settled deal.

Glass, 84, bought the team in the year 2000 for $ 96 million, and his estate is about two franchises, none of which completely obliterates the other. The larger picture story is about a team that either could not spend money (Glass claimed) or did not want to spend (19459011), and it showed: The Royals finished with a defeat in 14 of 19 seasons and are currently on the best Way to lose at least 100 games for the sixth time under him. A former CEO of Walmart, Glass, insisted that he lead the team to break the deadlock.

The other side of the Royals is their 2015 championship, and they were in this regard the envy and blueprint for the other MLB Small-Budget Clubs . They have won, as the other cash-strapped Front Offices hope to win, because this is really their only option . Following the hiring of GM Dayton Moore in 2006, the royals invested in their farm system and the International Scout Authority – compared to the free-hand spending – the largest investments, but they were bearing fruit. The young, fast and still quite cheap Royals made it to the seventh game of the World Series 2014 and then won it the whole following year.

Also this dream run did not come about without restrictions of glass . At the 2015 trading term, Glass dictated that no deals could bring more salary, so the Royals were forced to agree even more prospects for the acquisition of Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist than would have been necessary if their former teams had not sent ] also cash. After 2016, when the Royals were still potential competitors, Glass requested Moore to cut payroll and close the Royals window, as it would otherwise have been closed a little earlier, beginning with trading with Wade Davis, at $ 7 million save up.

While Royals fans are grateful for this championship this morning and will be forever, no matter how much Glass did or did not do, they are also cautious excited about the Sale of the team and the possibility that the new owner will actually spend . John Sherman, 64, made his money in the power industry and he is a local and former Royals season ticket holder. This is potentially good things both for his emotional investment in the team victory and for the likelihood that they will remain in Kansas City after the expiration of 2030. Stadium lease . Also positive is that the Royals' local local television contract expires after this season: they are expected to sign a new contract worth more than $ 50 million a year, more than twice that much like her. I'll get it now.

So there is reason to believe that the royals and their fans are on a better day. It would be difficult anyway to make the days worse than most of the time under Glass. Most of the time – 2015 will live forever.

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