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The SAG Awards saved the surprises for the winners

While the Oscars grapple with various topics, the SAG Awards seemed to be bypassing all these landmines and controversies. For anyone complaining about political shows, the ceremony was largely political except for frequent remarks by the Guild – and the unions in general – and Patricia Arquette's gratitude to Special Adviser Robert Müller and how she described it they protect the American democracy.

As for the moderator, Megan Mullally pounded on a few modest things, but took a decided back seat into the business.

Instead, the 25th Anniversary took place The SAG prizes kept the winners in the limelight, which enraged the Oscar organizers. Throughout the lectures, the art of acting has been celebrated from the ground up ̵

1; with the well-known expressions that one was only honored to be nominated, and thanks to the usual selection of agents, publicists and the family.

A stylish, heartfelt homage to Alan Alda, who won a Career Award, perfectly embodied the entire mood of the night.
The memorable flourishes were more likely to be provided by the SAG electorate, who got the evening with a strong populist touch, which stretched out in its honor films, television and performances that have gained widespread popularity. The outstanding was of course "Black Panther", which could be won as a superhero blockbuster only by breakthrough and nomination.

The film was not the only audience. Pleasant selection, with NBC's drama "This is Us", "Bohemian Rhapsody" star Rami Malek and Emily Blunt – for the horror hit "A Quiet Place" – the list of commercially successful winners.

SAG's decisions also highlighted some of the challenges associated with season-preserving prizes, with Malek, Glenn Close, Mahershala Ali, Sandra Oh, Darren Criss, the aforementioned Arquette, and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" all wins repeat the last Golden Globes.

Among the perhaps too seldom cited hurdles that the Oscars encounter in this age of abundance of television programs is the lavish practice that some of their big winners have adopted by the end of the lengthy Awards Season process

A true moment came when "Black Panther" star Chadwick Boseman spoke on behalf of the ensemble of the film after he agreed, "I do not think I would have to speak."

His surprise and remarks on the film represent a color to the people – and especially to the performers – that sounded absolutely genuine and charming in a price night, which kept their surprises on the whole for those moments in which the envelopes were opened.

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