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The Samsung Galaxy A90 has a huge display and a powerful processor

The Samsung Galaxy A90 is expected to be released in early April. In less than three weeks, some additional information about the key features of the smartphone has been leaked.

One of Samsung's biggest smartphones

  The Samsung Galaxy A90 has been equipped with a huge display and a powerful processor

As confirmed this week by Samsung's own website, the Galaxy A90 is the first and only smartphone in the world Be company that has a smartphone "Notchless Infinity Screen." This, of course, means that there is no controversial gap or recess, instead the smartphone is expected to have slim bezels around it.

This prediction was today supported by a leaked [A] Galaxy A90 screen protector, which shows significantly gossamer apertures and a slightly larger chin. To further consolidate the rumors, Tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer weighed the affair, acknowledging the absence of a notch and pointing to only 1.2mm thick bezels and only 3.6mm thick chin.

In this context, it should be noted that Hemmerstoffer also believes that the Galaxy A90's display will have a massive 6.73-inch diagonal, making it the Galaxy S10 5G and making it one of Samsung's largest smartphones makes.

Expect a fold-out camera mechanism that also turns

Despite the company's efforts to develop in-screen camera technology, Samsung recently admitted that "perfect full-screen smartphones" are still some years away are. For this reason, the South Korean giant has apparently opted for a rather unorthodox solution for the Galaxy A90.

To be specific, the Samsung smartphone should have a pop-out camera mechanism that houses the selfie cameras. However, these sensors can also be used as rear sensors because the pop-out module includes a rotating mechanism.
  The in-display fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S10 +

The in-display fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 +

details on the cameras are still quite scarce, but the general expectation is that the device has at least three functions. According to previous leaks, the primary will offer an impressive 48 megapixel resolution. The resolution of the other sensors is not yet known, but one will probably carry one wide-angle lens while the other can serve as a dedicated depth sensor.

Due to this unique setup and the lack of rear-view cameras, the Galaxy A90 is also expected to have a very minimal rear-end design. The only eye-catching element is likely to be the Samsung logo – the Galaxy A90 is expected to use an in-display fingerprint scanner.

An impressive processor that could beat the Snapdragon 845

The interior of Samsung The upcoming device remains a mystery. A rumor claims the company is preparing a low-priced flagship Snapdragon 855, which could easily be the Galaxy A90. The smartphone should be directly under the Galaxy S10e in Samsung's lineup. In the opinion of Tipster Ice Universe, this is not the case.

Instead of using the latest flagship chip from Qualcomm, the historically reliable source assumes that Samsung's Galaxy A90 will use the unannounced Snapdragon 700-Series chip, currently known as the "Snapdragon 7150".

  Samsung's Galaxy S10 series is powered by the faster Snapdragon 855

. Samsung's Galaxy S10 series is powered by the faster Snapdragon 855

. Little is known about this chip. However, the expectation is that the 8 nanometer manufacturing process will be used. In terms of performance, it should also be somewhere between last year's Snapdragon 845 (10 nanometers) and the newer Snapdragon 855 (7 nanometers) featured in the Galaxy S10 series.

No further details on the internal setup of the Galaxy A90 have been provided, but the smartphone is expected to debut with at least 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. However, more impressive variants with additional memory and possibly more memory are highly likely.

To complete the device of the smartphone Android 9 Pie should be used directly from the factory and a battery with 3,700 mAh. But in view of the supposed display size remains to be seen, which results in battery life. In any case, now an improved fast charge of up to 25 W is expected.

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