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The Saudi Crown Prince visits Boeing on a visit to Seattle

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who began on the West Coast section of a three-week US tour, visited the Boeing Everett Nozzle on Friday. He announced a military contract with the jet manufacturer and was preparing to meet other business leaders in Seattle.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is on a very secret visit on Friday and Saturday under the strictest security arrangements

Mohammed bin Salman's Private VIP The 747 jumbo jet from New York landed shortly after 2 pm at Paine Field in Everett Friday for a tour of Boeing – his first stop on the West Coast on a three-week trip through the US to change the image of Saudi Arabia in the eyes of the Americans. After a tour of the widebody jet factory that built his plane, the 32-year-old prince was watched as Boeing Chairman and CEO Dennis Muilenburg wrote a memorandum of understanding on a $ 450 million joint venture Saudi Arabia Signed Providing Maintenance and Repair of Kingdom Military Airplane

The Prince's Final Travel Plans and Plans in Seattle Were Not Announced

In a copy of the Seattle Times Preliminary outline of the itinerary were also convened meetings with Amazon Microsoft executives, with Bill Gates and the former U Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who lives in Washington State.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

    Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will visit the Seattle area on March 30 as part of a US tour to meet with government officials and industry leaders.
    Here is a summary of stories about the Crown Prince and his US visit.

However, Saturday morning sessions on the agenda with Governors of Washington State and Seattle listed mayors do not happen – both politely declined the Saudi meeting requests, due to the fact that they are busy that morning.

On Friday morning, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle, home for the day to a major Saudi royal court delegation, though not the Crown Prince himself, was surrounded by black Chevy suburbans with government plates and Seattle police vehicles.

At the entrance of the hotel, visitors entered the city. It was an airport-style baggage screening machine in which the lobby was swarming with Saudi and American security forces. A couple of bomb-sniffing dogs lounged on the thick carpet.

The whereabouts of the Crown Prince himself, and even the location where his Saudi Royal VIP 747 Jumbo would land, were not announced in advance.

The Prince, Effective The power behind his father's throne is there to redefine and diversify the image of the desert kingdom, known for its vast oil wealth and its affiliation with a strictly fundamentalist Sunni Islamist brand Discussing economy off the oil

The prince presents himself as a liberalizing modernity, reforming and opening up the claustrophobic kingdom, giving women more freedom in particular.

He has just lifted a 35-year cinema ban and Saudi women for the first time to attend mixed-gender public entertainments such as football matches.

And in a plan called Saudi Vision 2030, he has declared his intention to make Saudi Arabia a global investment powerhouse.

This is the reas on meeting so many corporate leaders in the US

Along with his visit, several media reports report that a 97-page glossy magazine promoting the Prince has appeared on the shelves in more unlikely parts of the US, Like a Walmart in Rural New Hampshire

Completely free of ads, the advertorial-style magazine is published by American Media Inc., the Florida-based tabloid publishing company led by President Donald Trump's friend David Pecker.

The agreement announced in Everett Friday will establish a joint venture between Boeing and the Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), which will be the sole service supporter for the Saudi Air Force military jets.

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Boeing also agreed to transfer the necessary technological know-how to install weapons in these aircraft and locate the spare parts supply chain ,

The dea is expected to build local expertise in Saudi Arabia and advance the Prince Vision 2030 plan. The agreement will create 6,000 jobs in Saudi Arabia, Boeing said.

In a press release by H.E. Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Chairman of SAMI, said the joint venture with Boeing will help "build a strong autonomous military industrial system in the Kingdom."

The joint venture was part of Trump's state visit to Saudi Arabia, which was announced last May. Boeing chief Muilenburg accompanied the President on this trip.

The Prince's planned meeting with Bill Gates is likely to give his image a philanthropic glow. Last fall, Gates met with the prince in Riyadh, where they announced a $ 10 million initiative to empower young people.

Some in Seattle criticize business interests for the prince and, in particular, for the military as welcome support for Saudi Arabia, as it leads a bloody proxy war in Yemen against allied forces with Iran.

Mercer Island Resident Aisha Jumaan, a Yemeni-American public health specialist, founded the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, a charity. Www.eu2006.gv.at/de/News/Speeches_I…nRechte.html Vorarlberg, In the background of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Prince Mohammed blames the heavy bombardment of civilians in their homeland

Three years ago, the Saudi government launched a military campaign against the Shia Houthi rebels, most of whom are Yemeni. Saudis is supported by Iran.

In this ongoing war, backed by the US government, the Saudi Air Force has deployed its large fleet of Boeing F-15s. Trikes Eagles and other aircraft are intended to hit Houthi targets and provide air support to government forces.

The Saudi-led Arab military coalition has also blocked Yemen as part of its offensive.

The result has devastated the civilian population of Yemen, with a war-related famine and a cholera epidemic, as well as documented reports of air strikes on targets such as hospitals and schools.

For Jumaan, Prince Mohammed is "a war criminal"

"It's daunting Many US companies ignore his atrocities as long as he pays," she said. "His money blinds people."

Prince Mohammed's tough line against Iran is in line with the views of his Sunni Arab allies, the Trump administration, and Israel.

With the controversial backdrop of the Yemen conflict, local politicians have not struggled to rearrange their plans to meet the prince.

Gov. Jay Inslee flies to Yakima on Saturday morning to sign a bill that commits March 31 as the day of Cesar Chavez to celebrate the worker and civil rights leader.

Mayor Jenny Durkan is also too busy to meet the prince this morning. She gives an address and attends a council meeting in Ballard.

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