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The Saudi teenager, who was arrested at the age of 13, was spared execution, according to the source

The source told CNN that Qureiris, who was arrested by Saudi authorities at the age of 13, could be released by 2022. He had to stay in jail for three years.

CNN has asked the Saudi government for comments.

International pressure on the kingdom had increased after CNN reported the case of Qureiris.
In Austria, the country's parliament voted to close a Saudi Arabia-sponsored inter-religious dialogue center to protest the imprisonment of Qureiris.
  In order to stop the execution of juveniles, Austria decides to close the center of faith founded by Saudi Arabia. 1[ads1]9659007 In order to stop the execution of teenagers, Austria moves to close the Center of Belief founded by Saudi Arabia Indictment. </div>
<p>  He was accused of accompanying his activist brother Ali Qureris on a motorbike ride to a police station in the East Saudi city of Awamiya, where Ali allegedly threw Molotov cocktails into the facility. </p>
<p>  His other alleged offenses include participation in his brother's funeral, which later became a rally. </p>
<p>  Qureiris denied the indictment and said that the confessions to which the prosecutor's office relied to a great extent had been obtained under duress. </p>
<p>  At the time of the arrest, Qureiris was viewed by lawyers and activists as the youngest known political prisoner in Saudi Arabia. </p>
<p>  Murtaja Qureiris comes from a Shiite family in the eastern province of the majority Sunni Saudi Arabia. </p>
<div class= In April, Saudi Arabia announced that it had executed 37 men who, according to Reprieve, belonged largely to the Shiite minority of the kingdom.
  Exclusive: Saudi Arabia admitted to having confessed. Court records show that some executed men protested against their innocence.

At least three of the executed men were at the time of committing suspected crimes.

All three were arrested for violence that, according to the government, was committed during the protests at the time of the Arab Spring. However, the prosecution relied heavily on confessions that the prisoners said had been withdrawn from them. During the trials, they stated that they had forcibly tortured confessions.

The country has one of the highest execution rates in the world and has often been criticized by legal groups for executing underage persons. The time of committing crimes.

Amnesty International responded to the news about the Qureiris case on Twitter on Sunday : "It is a great relief to learn that the Saudi authorities confirm that #MurtajaQureiris is NOT sentenced to death. # EndDeathPenalty # Saudi Arabia. "

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