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The season 4 premiere of Masked Singer reveals the dragon’s identity

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen The Masked Singer’s Season 4 premiere, which aired on Fox on September 23rd, read no further.

Pass the Courvoisier: Busta Rhymes was the first celebrity to be exposed in season 4 of “The Masked Season” when the show started on Wednesday night. (Scroll all the way down to see.)

Rhymes wore the dragon costume that helped panelists Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger, who both guessed the hip-hop star correctly, give it away. As Thicke noted, dragons played a role in the title of several Busta Rhymes albums and mixtapes. And then there’s the unmistakable low growl of a voice.

Both Thicke and Scherzinger have also worked with Rhymes, who admits it was probably easy to find out.

“I have a characteristic sound that I have when I sing. And of course, I haven̵

7;t made being the dragon any easier. I’ve portrayed being the dragon for my entire career, ”he told Variety. “It’s not easy to hide that it is me, so I wasn’t surprised they found out so quickly. I was definitely trying to change things. I have downplayed the energy I put into the performance and tried to make my voice lower than I normally would. I still had a great time. “

Hip-hop stars played a major role in The Masked Singer: T-Pain won the season one competition while Li’l Wayne was the first to be exposed in season three.

Rhymes said he was eager to try out “The Masked Singer” to have a little fun this dark year.

“I like to be a part of the feel-good energy,” he said. “And I’m a little bit tired of the environment because these civil liberties have been taken from us. I observe many of my family and friends, my colleagues and everyone and how directly and indirectly we have all been affected. There was a significant gray cloud over everyone for an extended period of time. This country is in a strange place. I just think it’s important to remind people no matter what happened. We just have to fight to live and enjoy life.

“If we can’t enjoy life and laugh and have fun with feel-good energy, what is it like?” he added. “When the opportunity arose to be part of this good energy and fun, I made the most of it.”

Rhymes said he was comfortable with the COVID protocols used to keep the set secure. He also said he appreciated the ability to perform at a time when everyone is stuck at home.

“I come from the ability to tour and be in front of thousands of people and be able to interact and feel people’s love firsthand,” he said. “Now we have to perform in front of a virtual audience, we have to be three feet apart, we have to have COVID tested every few days. If you start putting on this costume and the music comes on and you have to start performing, you will escape all of this. “

Rhymes’ unmasking comes when he recently released the songs “The Don & The Boss” with Vybz Kartel and “YUUU” with Anderson .Paak. Next up is Rhymes’ new album “Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God” (but has no release date yet).

“All of this coming together is proof that there is no better clock than God’s clock,” he said. “I just think the timing for this is for all the stars to line up the way they’re supposed to.”

Rhymes-as-the-Dragon played LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” on “The Masked Singer”.

While Thicke and Scherzinger got it right, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg thought it was another rapper, DMX, while Ken Jeong enigmatically opted for swimmer Michael Phelps.

New this season, the show’s panelists are also battling for a “Golden Ear” trophy based on their first impressions of each masked performer – and again, both Thicke and Scherzinger are at the forefront based on their guess from Busta Rhymes.

“The Masked Singer” is entering its fourth season with 16 participants and some other improvements – some due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There wasn’t a studio audience to start with, even though the audience didn’t know: videos of the crowds from previous seasons and an applause track were used to make the show look as normal as possible.

Animated hint packs were also used to avoid the difficulty of producing them on site. And with no real studio audience, voting was initiated at home through a network of “masked singer” superfans who watched the episodes as they were recorded via a closed loop.

This season’s costumes include baby alien, crocodile, broccoli, gremlin, mushroom, jellyfish, whatchamacalit, lips, squiggle monster, popcorn, sun, dragon, giraffe, seahorse, snowy owl, and snake.

Season four participants have combined net worth per host Nick Cannon of over $ 398 million. 46 Grammy nominations; three world records; an Olympic gold medalist; and an Oscar nominee in a major category.

Here were the other participants and their performances on the first night:

Lazily loaded picture

Sun, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy Fox

The sun

Song: “Because I love you” by Lizzo
Strength: “Bight-eyed”
Weakness: “Burns easily”
Voice over: “Get up and shine, friends, and welcome to my sun protection area. I’ve had some extreme seasons in my life. When I was launched, I felt like the center of the universe. At first the fame was great. But there was a lot of pressure. The headlights were on and I was burned out. So my fall came into a deep depression. I was frozen. But in the darkness of a quiet peak, I turned into a ray of light. And tonight I am coming back to life in this new universe. The sun is outside, the fun is outside. “
Panel guesses: Katharine McPhee, Demi Lovato, Madonna

Lazily loaded picture

Giraffe, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy Fox


Song: “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas
Strength: “Reach for the Stars”
Weakness: “Door frame”
Voice over: “Get on, go on and welcome to my glorious carnival. I’ve had a roller coaster career full of ups and downs. Music is in my blood. But when I stuck my neck out and took a gigantic risk, I became the butt of all jokes. I was in a knot and felt so lonely. Like the party is over. But that cracking and burning made me vibrate even higher. With hard work, I drummed up enormous success. Now I’m in the driver’s seat and I’m going to the races tonight. This is a wrap! “
Panel guesses: Travis Barker, Garth Brooks, Vanilla Ice

Lazy loaded picture

Popcorn, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy Fox


Song: “What about us?” From pink
Strength: “Very addicting”
Weakness: “Will be stuck in your teeth”
Voice over: “Hey, all the cool corns and cornettes. I’m popcorn – Mrs. popcorn, if you’re tasty. I am a real sweet corn with a huge heart. I’ve built a career around love. But that doesn’t mean that I’m soft. I’m a tough corn hustler. To get to where I am, I work long nights and rush from one job to the next. Finally, I went from a little pouf cutting out images from Vogue to jet setting to exotic locations with kings. While you might think I’m a little cheesy, I worked for what I got. Tonight you think I’m ready to put things in the spotlight. “
Panel conjectures: Tina Turner, Carole Baskin, Mary J. Blige

Lazily loaded picture

Dragon and Nick Cannon, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy Fox


Song: “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J.
Strength: “Very rare”
Weakness: “Bad breath”
Voice over: “Hey, welcome to my hiding place. Sorry, it’s a little damp here. As you can see, I am not new to dressing in funky outrageous costumes. And like a dragon, I’ve always been a fire-breathing animal in search of the best. But at first my fire was dangerous. Then I got a tip that helped me calm down and change gears. And now I have this shiny treasury. Tonight I come back on stage to prove my fire is still hot and pull the golden mask back to my hiding place. “
Panel guesses: DMX, Michael Phelps, Busta Rhymes

Lazy loaded picture

Snow Owls, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy Fox

Snowy owls

Song: “Say Something” from A Great Big World
Strength: “Harmonize”
Weakness: “Codependency”
Voice over: “Owl is it? So they haven’t seen us together in a while, but it’s time for a family reunion. Work with him – ‘who?’ You – he’s kidding! Really a wise guy. “Everything to laugh at!” We were working in sunny Hollywood one summer. “I drove her home and sang Let It Snow.” His voice was far off the key and I kept asking him to stop. “And I kept suggesting it. Until we finally stopped at their nest. ‘The head turned, it was completely covered with snow. “I just wanted to make Christmas extra magical. So what better way to reunite than snow owls? ‘Are you ready to fly again? ‘Let’s do a duet!’ ”
Panel guesses: Amy Grant and Vince Gill; Donny and Marie Osmond; Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara

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