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The Shutdown Reminder: The government touches your life every day

If 800,000 workers are not paid, this can have a big impact even in a country with more than 327 million inhabitants.

It was not long after the news of a ground-stop at New York's LaGuardia airport and delays in Newark were reported, and Philadelphia for President Donald Trump to cave in and open the government to go over his wall at a later date negotiate.

This may just be a coincidence, but it is clear that after more than a month, no salary will be held by government employees. The country's national infrastructure began to fringe. In addition, the US economy lost at least $ 6 billion during downtime, according to an estimate by S & P Global Economics.

Sick calls had incited the Transportation Security Administration to keep weapons and terrorists out of planes. And even delays at the northeastern airports on Friday were the absences.

Flying gives Americans a first-hand view of what happens when the government stops working.

What is the government doing? Much turns out

The partial shutdown of the government affects only a small part of the federal budget, but not the military, Medicare or social security.

The Federal Aviation Administration (approximately 44,000 employees) and the TSA (approximately 62,000 employees) together comprised a good portion of the 800,000 government employees who had been reporting without paychecks since December 22.

Their importance to the country has become clearer every day with new mobile food bank reports to help TSA employees, or memories that earn less than $ 50,000 a year. The average air traffic controller salary is much higher, at over $ 1

24,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  This shutdown teaches a tough lesson on government inequality.
US airlines carried an estimated value of 74.1 million passengers in November which data is available. This includes both national and international flights. Each of the affected airports offers more than 150,000 departures per year on Friday. More than 15 million passengers are carried each year at each of the three airports concerned.

At almost 440 airports across the country, more than 2 million passengers are checked daily by transport guards. Officers are trained to track down prohibited items, and on average, nine firearms are detected at security checkpoints every day.

Towers of air traffic control carried out 53 million "operations" in 2017 – take-offs and landings.
This is precisely what happened to a fatality caused by an incident at a US airline in the last 10 years. Trump tried to recognize this status in relation to 2017, but in fact it is the FAA, air traffic controllers and pilots who move the aircraft safely up and down.

The prospect of a collapse of the national air system – imagine Domino impact on connecting flights and the rest of the country if an airport such as LaGuardia, Newark or Philadelphia has to close – could ultimately be the straw that ended the closure ,

But it's an opportunity to look at the functions of other unpaid government employees, either FBI agents (37,000 FBI employees, not all agents) investigating crimes, or Coast Guard patrolling the coast (8,600 employees) , Both leaders had expressed their anger over the government over the closure.

  Who worked through the deadlock without pay,

The Environmental Protection Agency has more than 14,000 employees an extremely broad portfolio: environmental protection. There are disagreements over what the Agency's mandate should be, but apart from the fact that the EPA is indispensable for some things that can not be challenged, such as monitoring the removal of toxic waste at Superfund locations.

Superfund is the long time government program that needs to be paid for cleaning. There is a good chance that you live near one.
There are 1,300 such sites, the former houses of nuclear power plants, chemical plants and shipyards. For example, the former site of a facility that allowed chemicals to penetrate into groundwater could be converted into a YMCA years later. In children living near locations, birth defects were reduced by 20-25%.
The US Department of Agriculture (9,100 employees in its food monitoring service) and the Food and Drug Administration (18,000 employees) are urged to keep supplies of food and medicines safe. Both called for inspectors to work as the shutdown dragged on. How much arsenic is in your cheese? The FDA can tell you.

The FDA delivers an average of about 200 quotes per week to food, drug, and other medical device manufacturers.

The USDA Food Safety Service is investigating domestic and imported meat, dairy products and eggs. According to the latest data (July to December 2018), they rejected an average of 320 shipments per week.

The list continues when you drill down into the many government agencies that were either shut down last month or out of pocket.

  • The Internal Revenue Service stood to process tax returns and issue refunds without payment. They also reminded workers who checked their income and allowed mortgage companies to process loans.
  • The Park Rangers had returned to work without pay to prevent national parks from being littered with waste and vandalized
  • The FAA also had security inspectors with them.
  • Relieving the government of new tariffs as a result of Trump's ongoing trade war.
  • The Homeland Security Authority had returned workers to keep the E-Verify system operational.
  • The Border Patrol had never stopped working to patrol the border.

And there is so much more. The list goes on.

And also the prospect of no longer financing these operations after February 15, when Congress and Trump can not find an agreement that he considers acceptable for financing a border wall that they do not want to give him.

JoElla Carman and Cristina Alesci of CNN contributed to this report.

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