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The Six Pack: College football picks for Penn State Iowa, Texas A & M Mississippi State in a busy week 9

The Six Pack was terrible last week. As I bridged the Michigan Michigan State Under Under, it was the only winner I presented in the column. I was wrong about every other choice.

It's the second time the Six Pack has gone this season's 1-5 and it drops our record to 24-24 this season, a mediocre record if ever there was one. In short, it was a terrible season to this point, but I do not apologize.

The reason the Six Pack intake is mediocre is that I made mediocre choices. But not this week. This week we come back to our profit paths. There are ups and downs every season when it comes to playing, and I prefer to think that the depths are behind us.

Games of the Week

No. 7 Georgia vs. No. 9 Florida (under 52) ̵

1; in Jacksonville, FL : If you want to take Georgia (-6.5) in this game, I would not blame you. I was leaning in that direction myself, thinking that Georgia is a better team than Florida, and that this line deviates somewhat due to the overreaction from the 20-point loss to LSU. However, the sum is more attractive to me.

These two meet each season in Jacksonville, and while the favorite in the last 10 matches is 7-3 ATS, I prefer the other trend in this series. The one who does not see many points. The Under is 5-2 in the last seven years, but there is more than this trend. In these seven seasons, the average total score was 40.6 points per game. In these seven games, only once (2014), these two together have reached a higher total than this year's total of 52. See that this trend continues. Georgia 27, Florida 20

# 17 Penn State (-6.5) Vs. # 18 Iowa : The Hawkeyes are not getting much attention this season, even though they are a Big Ten team that is still alive for the conference title but for a possible college football playoff mooring. Well, I do not think it's a likely scenario, but that does not mean it's not true. Unfortunately for Iowa, I believe that these playoff hopes will die against Penn State on Saturday.

Iowa is 6-1, ranked 18th, and deserves to be. I just think that this spread gets a bit too much credit. Part of this is undoubtedly due to the house losses of Penn State against Ohio State and Michigan State. But the best team that Iowa played this season was Wisconsin, and lost at home to the Badgers 28-17. The best win is either Marlyand's 23-0 away win in the past week or the 13-3 win over Iowa State in September. Neither are victories to shame, nor are they enough to give me a reason to believe that Iowa goes out on the street and covers that number. Penn State 34, Iowa 24

Castle of the Week

No. 16 Texas A & M (+2.5), Mississippi State : I was burned by Mississippi State last week, but it's not about revenge. I think this line is off. The Bulldogs have played four SEC games. You won once. In their three defeats they could achieve a total of 16 points. You have a great defense, but I can not trust that this home offensive is against a good Texas A & M team. Especially in this matchup.

Mississippi State has no passing attack to speak of it. Its passing efficiency rating of 108.91 is the worst in the SEC and ranks 120th. National. Against SEC opponents, this number drops to 63.79. That's terribly awful. So the bulldogs have to run to move the ball, but the problem is that the aggies have a strong run defense. The A & M defense has relinquished just 3.24 yards per jersey this season (17th national) and has allowed five touchdowns for the rushing (7th). Where do the points come from? Texas A & M 20, Mississippi State 17


No. 6 Texas in Oklahoma State (under 59.5) : Oklahoma State is not the same Oklahoma State this season, but I'm not brave enough to bet Texas against Texas. Part of it is Mike Gundy, and part of it is always suspicious of Texas, especially now that it's in sixth place. Fortunately, we have a sum here that is too high! After earning at least 35 points per game in the Big 12 games over the past three seasons (over 40 PPG in 2015 and 2017), the Cowboys only score 29.8 points per game this year. And then there's the Texas offensive, which exploded against Oklahoma, but in 2018 went far more efficient than explosiveness.

Also, the sub 4-1 over the last five sessions is 6-1, when Oklahoma State is a dog's previous three seasons and 6-1, with Texas being a street favorite of the last three seasons. Texas could lose, but I do not think there will be as many firecrackers as this sum would suggest. Texas 28, Oklahoma State 27

Hate Me Selection of the Week

No 21 South Florida (+7) in Houston : A few weeks ago I decided that, no matter what, I would fade the rest of the season in South Florida. I had this revelation as I watched the cops fight a bad team in Tulsa. This happened after seeing how it came to overcoming a bad UMass team and a bad team from East Carolina and a bad team from Illinois. Do you see the trend here? Then Charlie Strong's team did it by allowing a horrible UConn team to look competent last week. Well, I'm counting on the cops this week because my new principle was only a favorite with USF. It's a dog in the game of the week against Houston, and it should be. And it will more than likely lose. But this spread is too big. Houston is not much better than USF, and I expect the cops to make it as ugly as possible and hang out because they do just that. Houston 35, South Florida 31

Ground 25 Bet of the Week

UNLV (+2.5) in the San Jose State : The logic here is pretty simple. I write The Bottom 25 every week so I know the worst teams in the country much better than average college football fans. Thanks to that, I know that it is by no means possible that the state of San Jose is now favored over someone. I understand that the Spartans are at home, and UNLV is not good, but it's better than this San Jose State team. And it will win this game. UNLV 31, San Jose State 27

SportsLine Selection of the Week

No. 3 Notre Dame Vs. Navy : Notre Dame and Navy continue their rivalry this weekend with a neutral site play in San Diego. Notre Dame is favored with 23.5 points and the total is 54. I have a strong game available for this game that you can read by going to SportsLine today and subscribing to it .

Game (s) of the Week



Castle of the Week




1-5 [19659033] 24-24

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