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The size comparison for PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch shows how big the next generation devices are

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, September 20, 2020, 12:55 p.m. GMT

We already know the PlayStation 5 is the largest game console in modern history, but a new illustration has made it clear how big the machine is.

Over on Twitter, illustrator and 3D modeler @keisawada put together a bunch of images that really put the size of next-gen consoles into perspective.

The PS5 is next to a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, a 30-inch TV and a regular PS4. The difference in dimensions can be clearly seen.

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation towers over the other consoles and almost threatens to match the size of the TV too. It is really a huge piece of kit.

We know why Sony’s machine is so big: It’s mainly because of the cooling. Matt MacLaurin, Vice President of UX Design at PlayStation, previously stated in a post on LinkedIn that the PS5 is running very hot. Therefore, it needs more space to adequately vent the heat.

The console hasn’t even started and is already causing a schism online. Some gamers find it pretty and futuristic, others think it looks dated and imposing.

Whatever you think of it, you can’t argue with its absolutely massive size. The PS5 is approximately 390mm tall, 260mm deep and 104mm wide (and the digital version is only 12mm thinner).

Sony will release two consoles in November. The Standard and Digital-Only models will be reimbursed $ 499 and $ 399, respectively.

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