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The sloppy privacy of Facebook now also affects Instagram users

Last month we learned that Facebook has stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text. It was Facebook's recent failure in a series of incidents that show how the company is playing with their customers' personal data quickly and easily.

There were 540 million Facebook posts that contained personal information found on unsecured servers. Hundreds of millions of passwords from Facebook users are stored in plain text and can be searched by more than 20,000 Facebook employees. and yesterday's announcement that the company "accidentally uploaded" the email contacts of 1.5 million users without consent.

Now we have learned of another bug that affects Instagram users.

Instagram users are under massive password fiasco

Facebook has quietly admitted that millions of passwords from Instagram users were among those Facebook left in plain text. Instagram belongs to Facebook

The passwords have been made accessible to anyone with access to internal files. Passwords are usually protected by encryption, but for unknown reasons, Facebook has not provided users with the necessary security.

Facebook only dealt with the issue publicly after it was discovered by Krebs on Security.

The Instagram approval was released as an update In Facebook's March 21st blog, "Keeping Passwords Secure", which first confirmed the output of clear text passwords.

The update read: "Since the release of this post, we've found that additional logs of Instagram passwords have been stored in a readable format.We now appreciate that this issue has affected millions of Instagram users.We will like these users Our investigations have found that these stored passwords were not internally misused or improperly retrieved. "

Facebook did not say why it took a full month for passwords to become known by Instagram users. it will directly notify those affected.

Facebook said it has discovered that some passwords were saved in a readable format as part of a routine security review in January, and the company said that the issue has now been resolved and will notify anyone whose passwords are in this way have been saved. Many Thanks!

How to Back Up Your Facebook Account

Even though Facebook claims that plain text passwords were not seen by anyone outside the company, why should we believe everything it says at that point? We were too often burned by this dysfunctional company.

That's why we recommend taking the safety in your own hands.

Start changing your Facebook password

To reset your Facebook password, go to Settings >> Security and Login and tap or click Change Password .

Enable Two-Factor Authentication .

Here is another level of security that you can use for your Facebook account – Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

How to proceed: Go to Settings >> Security and Login >> Scroll down to Use Two-Factor Authentication . Click Edit >> and select the desired method. You can choose between " Text Message " or " Authentication App ".

It should be noted that recent phone numbers used for two-factor authentication have been used for targeted ads. This is worrying, as this is another indication that Facebook is reusing the information of its users and the phone numbers used for security purposes for monetary purposes as a Facebook 2FA gadget. Instead of a text message, you can use an app like Google Authenticator to generate your 2FA login codes.

If you're an Instagram user and would like to know if your password was a visit, did I choose the "Moody" option to deal with the problems of Facebook? Click here to learn how to delete your account.

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