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The Smart Setup – A Hardware Guide For First-Time Business Owners

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A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into building a business, as any first-time business owner will tell you. Finding the right team is critical, not to mention bringing the right product and service to your audience will spell the success or failure of the endeavour. It doesn’t end there though, as the tools of the trade are often the defining attribute of a seamless startup. Nothing will establish a smart setup like getting the right hardware from the start so that you and your team can scale the business and work consistently toward your short and long-term goals. If you’re looking around your place of work and doubting whether your hardware can get you to your destination, let’s discuss what you need and why.

A reliable printer

Don’t put off finding a high-performing printer until the day you really need it. A reliable printer will put your entire workforce at ease, as tangible productions and outputs provide value to each department and individual in your team. What you need to remember is that all printers are not made equal, so take your time in finding one that has enhanced capabilities, like the features of the Brother multifunction printer. If it’s been a while since you invested in such technology, you and your team will benefit from the 21

st-century remote printing, sophisticated inkjet technology and sustainable solutions post-use.

Desktop computers or laptop

Mobility and flexibility are the cornerstones of workplace success and so it’s important that you choose the right computer hardware for your team. So which solution, laptop or desktop, will assist in the day to day grind, and get you the results you need? The ideal mix is one of each, affording you two screens, and the ability to take your laptop home or with you travelling. Desktop computers are larger and come with a greater, more powerful processors, so don’t skip this important piece of hardware in place of a sleek laptop option. It also goes without saying that you should listen to the preferences and advice of your team who are working in your business, as you want to equip them with the right device they need.

External hard drive

There are few industries that don’t require their employees to do some form of filing storing, but this will likely not be the case for your new business. An external hard drive will take on the storage requirements of any sized business, and is a safer solution to storing data on individual computers or in a cloud-based solution. In those early stages of business, be sure to review your external hard drive options, and keep yourself to a high standard of security and compliance in your growing team.

Time and attendance tracking

Time and attendance tracking, and other scheduling platforms can be incredibly valuable in those early days. In essence, they can record the working hours of your team, and intuitively suggest the ideal working mix and employee count on each day. This can also be particularly useful if you have a team that works remotely across the country and beyond. Even if you are not in a shift-style workforce, as a first-time business owner, you can learn from these insights and use them to engineer a more effective workforce. 

There are a seemingly endless number of tasks that need attention when starting a new business. From the administration, to logistics and everything in between, don’t make the careless decision to simply grab whatever hardware fixes the need ‘for now’. Take the time to be measured in your hardware purchases, and bring something to the table that will last and assist in your goals.