A gay Valendictorian was told he could not speak at his high school because the Catholic diocese disagreed with the content of his speech.

Rather, Christian Bales, 18, delivered his speech on a megaphone outside the US ceremony Friday. His words focused on young people's activism, including a reference to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who called for an end to the armed force.

"I did not think it was very polarized." It was like, about the empowerment of the youth, "said Bales LEX 18, an NBC affiliate in Lexington, Kent.

But the Catholic diocese of Covington, Ky., Antagonized, nasting Bales' speech and that of student council president Katherine Frantz just hours before the ceremony. Balmes & # 39; s mother Gillian Marksberry said her son and Frantz believed their speeches would be approved.

But in a Friday morning call, Mike Holtz, director of high school, stated that an emergency session ended because both speeches were canceled because they were inappropriate for the ceremony, Marksberry told WCPO

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Marksberry recalled Holtz He said the speeches were "aggressive, angry, confrontational," reports WCPO.

Holtz and the diocese of Covington did not respond to requests for commentary.

Tim Fitzgerald, spokesman for the Diocese of Covington, thus explained to LEX 18:

"School officials and representatives of the Diocese of Covington reserve the right to review and approve all student speeches presented to high school graduates in public All speeches must be submitted by the deadline The high school diplomas at Holy Cross High School were not submitted before the deadline, and when the proposed speeches were received they contained elements that were political and did not conform to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Graduation programs were reprinted without mention of the two speeches, the New York Times

Frantz told the Times their speech was "too personal"

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"I've learned that the Catholic Church is loved ones and is for all people. To challenge my beliefs and convictions of the diocese was extremely insulting, "Frantz wrote in a commentary for The River City News .

Bales is openly gay and gender compliant, He reports of WCPO His ball gowns included a floral jumpsuit and high heels, Times reports, telling the Times and LEX 18 that he was unsure whether his sexuality played a role in the decision. "To be honest, I have no idea, because what I learned about the Catholic faith is that it is about love, tolerance and acceptance of all people," Bales told LEX 18.

After the ceremony, the participants orbited the two Bales and Frantz delivered their speeches.

"It was very encouraging," he told the Times . "The people around us were the ideal audience."

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