NEW YORK – President Donald Trump accused China of "playing" the global trading system in a speech to the United Nations defending tariffs that his critics claim could put the US economy in a recession.

We want a balanced trade, that's fair and reciprocal, "said Trump. He suggested that the World Trade Organization give priority to China during a broad defense of its trade war with Beijing.

He also said that while he wants a trade deal with China, "he would not accept a bad deal for the Americans."

Trump asks for help for Iran

Trump said the world must die Stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon and continue to criticize the 201

5 nuclear deal that he withdrew last year.

"The death record of the regime and its destruction is well known to all of us," Trump said.

Trump stated that he had imposed sanctions following the recent attack on Saudi Arabia.

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" All nations have a duty to act, "Trump said," No responsible nation should satisfy the bloodlust of Iran. "

Trump also focused heavily on Iran during the speech It gained importance after the September 14 attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, which Washington Tehran accused.

During his address, Trump also addressed sovereignty and drew attention to a topic he addressed in earlier speeches.

"If you want freedom, be proud of your country," Trump told the world leader. "The future does not belong to the globalists."

Defending Ukraine

Trump's third speech to the United Nations General Assembly comes when the White House is in defensive mode because of the growing scandal over Ukraine. Trump has refused to withhold help from Ukraine in order to force leaders in Kiev to investigate Joe Biden, the former Democratic presidential candidate.

Ukraine: "I did not do it." Trump denies that he has threatened to withhold Ukraine's external aid

Trump was flanked by like-minded leaders on the podium. He was preceded by President Jair Bolsonaro, who was described as the "mini trump" of Brazil. He was followed by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, whom Trump has praised despite protests against Sisi's desire to limit dissent.

Trump recruits progress in North Korea

Trump said the United States wants to "partner instead of opponents".

The president campaigned for talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which led to three one-on-one talks. Critics have noted that North Korea continues to test rockets despite the more open dialogue.

"America knows that, although anyone can wage war, only the most courageous peace can be made," said Trump.

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Trump said that every nation has an "absolute right" to protect its borders "and so on is our country too.

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