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The stadium site proposed by Inter Miami is an arsenic-filled toxic mine

Photo: Wilfredo Lee (AP)

The Long Waiting for David Beckham's Miami MLS Franchise The promised splendor has hit yet another unfortunate hook: the floor on which the chic New stadium to be built by Inter Miami is literally poisoned.

A new report, first published by Miami Herald claims that the The Inter Miami Golf Course is planning to build the new stadium at a dangerous level of arsenic, barium and lead in the ground. According to Herald a consultative environmental agency commissioned by the franchise stated that underground pollution is widespread and in some places is up to twice the legally permitted level of arsenic. The report also found a variety of deposits in the ground of the site, which were covered with ashes from an incinerator that had been shut down years earlier. Seems pretty bad!

The city of Miami is demanding another round of testing, which also needs to be paid by the team, but the course is currently unsafe for Inter Miami's plans. This endangers the future of the stadium area. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says the tidying up of the site could cost over $ 50 million by the time construction begins. Before the results of Monday, the club had expected to spend about $ 35 million for the renovation of the construction site for the planned "commercial and stadium complex" in the amount of 1 billion US dollars. The team had previously considered Port Miami, Museum Park, Little Havana and Overtown with little success. It was not until last November that a referendum approved the use of the Melreese Country Club golf course as the site for the complex.

Meanwhile, Inter Miami will play their home games in the opening season next year at the site of the old Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, the former home of the now defunct Miami Fusion. The old stadium was demolished earlier this year and it was planned to build a new, smaller stadium on the already moving terrain. This smaller stadium will serve as the training ground for Inter Miami as well as the home ground for the club until the construction of the new stadium.

Despite the franchise's original plans for a luxurious stadium in downtown Miami, the secluded Lockhart Stadium is about 45 minutes from Miami. Not quite what anyone had hoped to, but sitting in the terrible rush-hour traffic in South Florida to watch some swampy MLS happening is probably better than a comfortable ride with a side effect of arsenic poisoning.

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