What to expect at this year's Stagecoach: the Country Music Festival in Indio.

This new stagecoach has brought a completely new land to the city of Indio [19659007] The five-day Transformation of the massive Coachella Valley Stagecoach music and arts festival: Los Angeles-based Goldenvoice's California Country Music Festival is always shocking for people attending both events. In the installation art of Coachella, there are huge cowboy boots and a bronze – breaking horse. Clothing turns from flower crowns and H & M brand fashion to red, white and blue everything – including shirts, pants, bandanas and long flowing sashes with the US flag.

T-shirts send one completely different message than Coachella. One man was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of President Trump and the words "Dilly Dilly". Other t-shirts reflected the love of the Stagecoach crowd for drinking, with messages such as "Feeling Single, Double See" and "Beer- Drinkin & # 39; Babe."

A department store called Countryfried also reflected the country's fondness for self-determination: "Locked & loaded" and "We do not vote 911".

Other Stagecoach stores had names such as High Class Hillbilly, Trendy and Tipsy and True Religion with individual embroidery

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FIRE: Motorhomes Burn on Stagecoach Country Music Festival Campgrounds [19659019] A Man Embroiders Denim on Stagecoach 2018 ic "width =" 540 "height =" 405 " data-mycapture-src = "" data-mycapture-sm-src = "https: //×333/local/-/media/2018/04/27/PalmSprings/PalmSprings/636604495165464981-stagecoach-22.jpg"/> Foto Buy

A man embroiders denim at the Stagecoach Music Festival 2018.