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The standard Nintendo Switch apparently also gets an update

There have been numerous reports in recent months that Nintendo has been working on new iterations of its Switch console, including a hand-focused model that should turn out to be a newly announced Switch Lite. That's not all; It looks like the standard switch will also get a more conservative update, replacing some of its internal components, though the exact implications of this step are yet to be seen.

According to The Verge, Nintendo has a Class II Permission Change Request to the Federal Communications Commission to make changes to the existing switch. According to the file, the company exchanges the system-on-chip, the NAND memory type and the CPU board of the console. The filing does not delve into the details, so it's unclear whether these changes will significantly affect the performance of the system. The model number does not change, possibly indicating the degree of change we see here. However, these types of updates under the hood are not uncommon for game system manufacturers.

As previously mentioned, Nintendo has announced a smaller, lower-cost version of the switch called Switch Lite. The system will be released in September of this year and is optimized for use with handhelds. This means that it does not contain removable Joy-Con controllers and can not be docked and played back on a TV. It also lacks a stand, HD rumble, and IR sensor, but it still supports Amiibo numbers and has an estimated 20-30% longer battery life than the base model. Another advantage over the standard switch is a decent D-pad.

The Switch Lite will launch around the world on September 20, the same day the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is released. The system will be available in three colors ̵

1; yellow, turquoise and gray – and a special Pokemon model will follow in November before Pokemon Sword and Shield. In the US, the Switch Lite will be retail for $ 200.

It has also been reported that Nintendo is working on a more powerful iteration of the switch. However, the company has announced that there will be no new switch hardware in addition to the Lite this year. For more information about the system, see our summary of all information about the Switch Lite. We also answer some of the most common console questions in our Frequently Asked Questions about Switch Lite. Also read our Switch Lite pre-order guide.

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