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The state examines Westminster Pet Store; Owner admits outbreak

WESTMINSTER, Colorado. – A local pet store, Puppies N Stuff, is being investigated by the state.

The owner of the store has received approval to shop FOX31

problem Solvers the Westminster suffered a fatal outbreak.

FOX31 also uncovered several reports of people buying puppies from the store just so the dogs got sick and died within weeks.

"If we wanted to treat him, it would be $ 5,000 and there was no guarantee he would even make it," said Samantha Maughan after she lost her 10-week-old puppy to a viral disease called distemper. [19659003] Distemper, which is often fatal to dogs, spreads in the air, water, or through the mouth.

Symptoms include fever, nasal and ocular discharge, cough, vomiting, and lethargy, which is prevented by vaccination.

In In 2008 and 2017, FOX31 investigated complaints that the pet store sold sick puppies.

"Puppies have health certificates before they come in," said the owner of Puppies N Stuff, Sandy McDonald. "And if a veterinarian can not pick it up and we sometimes do everything we can, something will fail every now and then."

McDonald says her store had a stinking after a little Yorkshire Terrier arrived with the disease in late April.

She says the puppies have been treated for initial symptoms. However, the first sternal diagnosis was made in early June, after many of the animals were in a new home and the virus spread to other dogs in the store.

"In a perfect world, no puppy would ever get sick, no baby would ever get sick, nobody would ever get sick," McDonald said. "It's not a perfect world, things happen."

McDonald said she reported the problem to the state after the first diagnosis of Yorkie's distemper.

McDonald told the problem solvers that the shop had closed for several weeks to clean. Otherwise the lawmakers will have to do something about it, otherwise innocent families like mine will continue to deal with such issues, "said Christopher Paup, after the pug-puppy he bought for his 5-year-old niece went home after 20 Days distemper was diagnosed.

McDonald claims she sold the pug puppy before the fatal outbreak.

Both Maughan and Paup stated that their puppies had been vaccinated against distemper. Due to complaints, the state inspected Puppies N Stuff four times in a four-month period.

In February 2019, an inspection found that McDonald gave an old pet recipe to a coughing dog. The same dog was not used isolation.

Inspectors also found puppies without solid ground, including chihuahua, which stood on a cable with a thin blanket.

The state notes that these violations have since been corrected.

PACFA Does not answer any questions about the pet store and will not release any current inspections until the investigation is complete.

To file a pet shop complaint, visit the PACFA website.

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