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The Steelers only blame themselves on the broken relationship with Antonio Brown – ProFootballTalk


As the Steelers and the recipient Antonio Brown approach a divorce, it becomes increasingly clear how the relationship has come to an apparent point of no return.

A New Article by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com Talking Much of the popcorn that has flown out of the cauldron over the last few weeks paints a picture of a player who routinely lived by his own rules – and a team, that allowed this.

The most amazing example comes from a previously unknown double standard used in training camp on Brown. While teammates were stuffed into dormitories, Brown had a rental home off campus.

Per Fowler would see Brown being dropped off at the training camp in the morning, even though he knew he was not sleeping in the dorm the rest of the team.

"We even admired him for how" How does he do it? "A former Steelers teammate told Fowler."

Brown was also late in his chronic ability to turn up late for meetings, with regular fines from coach Mike Tomlin.

"Tomlin could have basically punished AB Every day, if he wanted, "said a former teammate to Fowler.

"He appears too late with a big smile on his face," former team-mate Doug Legursky told Fowler. "They are not even crazy."

Another current teammate is crazy that it's a problem. "[W] What if he is 15 minutes late for a meeting?" Said the unnamed team-mate to Fowler.

And the delay problem is not just for meetings during the week. Consider this passage from Fowler's article: "On game days, players marveled that Brown was uncomfortably close to kick-off, rocking a mink coat while other players were in full uniform, and then had 150 yards in the fourth quarter."

In addition to not regularly withdrawing small amounts from Brown to express the ongoing resentment over his behavior, the Steelers have on a number of occasions given Brown large sums that necessarily reward them. From the first large-scale order received in 2012 (after only two NFL seasons because he had been confiscated for at least three years prior to the minimum waiting period), several annual adjustments were made to advance the future money to a significant extension granted to him This included a $ 19 million cash-in bonus in 2017 and another $ 12.96 million lump-sum payment in 2018.

In addition to his salaries for 2017 and 2018 The nearly $ 34 million that Brown had passed to Brown after the incident had taken Facebook Live out of the locker room after a playoff victory.

Balance, on the other hand, are periodic clicks of the hand and a private articulation of Tomlin's standard, which essentially applies to all players: if he is no longer worth what we pay him, he will disappear.

As a player, he is still worth it. But the bridge was burned down, as Brown, encouraged by years of empowerment, responded with determination when the team apparently (and belatedly) decided to lock him up.

Like Tom Brady, Brown entered the league as a draft of the sixth round Unlike Brady, the Steelers were so fascinated by Brown's unexpected abilities that they allowed Brown to exercise freedoms at a time when he was far less would have reacted aggressively as he is now. Ultimately, the Steelers then only blame themselves for the confusion they are in now.

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