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The Strange Case of Eddie Gallagher: Did Donald Trump Help a Navy Seal Get Away From Murder?

Apart from an unprecedented July 4th celebration, which also served as a military parade in the National Mall, President Trump made another strange decision this week involving the military. He congratulated himself for helping to liberate a Navy SEAL officer accused of a dozen different war crimes.

Eddie Gallagher, who until this week was the Navy's Chief Petty Officer, was accused of stabbing a juvenile prisoner while the teenager was being treated by a US paramedic in or near Mosul, Iraq in 2017. Video images show that the bleeding fighter, believed to be between the ages of 12 and 17, was taken to the SEAL train for treatment. Two of Gallagher's SEAL colleagues testified at a military court that Gallagher unexpectedly stabbed the neck and side of the young ISIS fighter several times when a SEAL paramedic treated him. Members of the platoon then posed for photos with Gallagher as he held the child soldier's head with one hand by the hair and held his knife in the other.

Pictures also show that Gallagher performed his reinstatement ceremony alongside a corpse when another SEAL member held an American flag. During the trial prosecutors Gallaghers presented text messages, one of which read: "Good story behind it. Got him with my hunting knife. "

Almost a dozen members of Gallagher's train said they were against him during the trial, but a jury of Gallagher's military colleagues did not find him guilty of a temporary murder this week.

In a bomb attack, one of the SEALs who were granted immunity to testify against Gallagher testified instead that he was the one who had killed the teenager and blocked his breathing tube for reasons of mercy. Since the charges against Gallagher were not homicide or attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon, but first-degree murder, he was found not guilty. However, he was found guilty of taking a picture of the body. He was sentenced to imprisonment and his rank is reduced with approximately two months of lost wages.

War is a terrible thing. There are always moral gray areas. However, Gallagher never denied that he had stabbed an unarmed, wounded child soldier under medical treatment and posed for the body after his death.

Gallagher was also charged with attempted murder in another case. Overall, he was put in 1

2 cases before a court martial.

Several men from Gallagher's train described his behavior as ruthless and bloodthirsty. They said he shot a 15-year-old girl walking along a riverbank in Afghanistan and an old man carrying a jug of water. They testified that Gallagher regularly fired on civilian crowds.

According to military investigations Gallagher's SEAL colleagues tried several times to report him for his behavior and were dismissed by superiors. 19659010] and fire warning shots to discourage civilians to miss his shots.

"They said they spent more time protecting the civilian population than fighting the IS," Special Agent Joe Warpinski of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service told the military court.

One of seven Team 7 Alpha SEAL Navy SEAL commands reported to investigators that high-ranking leaders who were allies of Gallagher ordered commandos to "stop talking about it". The New York Times reported what was stated in the Navy's investigation report, which included interviews with more than a dozen members of Alpha Platoon: [19659016] Even members of the platoon convened a private meeting in March 2018 with their troop leader at the Coronado naval base near San Diego. According to a confidential intelligence report from the Navy received by the New York Times, they gave him the bloody details and asked for a formal investigation.

But instead of launching an investigation that day, the Force Commander and his senior aide – both long-time comrades of the accused train leader, Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher – warned the seven train members that they were speaking and others could cost their careers, the report said.

When Chief Gallagher's men sounded the alarm about murders in Iraq, his superiors praised him. In a review quoted in the investigative report, Chef Gallagher was named the best boss in the team's 12 and said, "This is the man I want to lead in combat."

A few days after the meeting in March 2018, the chief was awarded a bronze star for bravery under fire in Iraq.

Investigators found that several SEAL colleagues at Gallager claimed he threatened to kill them when they reported his actions. During the trial, Gallagher's defense represented his own unit as aggrieved and lazy millennials.

Despite statements from seven other SEALs, he was found not guilty of shooting at civilians, as the process was too late to preserve useful forensic evidence.

In an interview on Fox News on Wednesday asking what his message might be to future Navy SEALs, Gallagher said he would tell them that "loyalty is a trait that seems to be lost … you are there, to watch your brother's back, and he's there to take care of your back. "

One of Gallagher's lawyers is also in the legal team of President Trump and thanked the President for" casting this case out of the shadows "in a Fox News appearance after the verdict. Gallagher thanked Trump in Fox News "for his intervention."

The President congratulated Gallagher after appearing in Fox News on Wednesday and tweeted, "I'm glad I could help!"

Trump Accepts Either Recognition

In March, Trump tweeted that Gallagher had been transferred to a less restrictive custody "in honor of his former service" for the country. The president had tagged in his tweet "Fox & Friends", and Gallagher's wife Andrea and his brother Sean repeatedly appeared in Fox News to call the chief a hero and demand his release.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., A frequent guest of Fox News, who described the military justice system as "corrupt," admitted to having taken a photo with a dead fighter during his time as a Marine, essentially dismis The War Crime from sed Gallagher was normal.

In May, after pardoning a former US soldier who was convicted of murdering an Iraqi prisoner in 2009, Trump told Fox News he had "given a comprehensive look at veterans who were imprisoned for crimes on the battlefield, and considered granting others similar relief. "

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