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UAW and General Motors resumed negotiations on Saturday morning when the auto workers' strike began on its sixth day.

A separate strike by the UAW's janitors who work for Aramark and serve five GM sites in Michigan and Ohio took place on the seventh day.

Two high-level Democratic presidential candidates announced plans to visit pickets at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

Sen. Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren said she would be at the factory on Sunday afternoon, which coincides with the union's "Solidarity Sunday". The union invited the public to join the strikers of GM and Aramark, and the union chaplains will speak at noon.

Sen. Vermont-based Bernie Sanders said he would visit the same plant on Wednesday. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democratic candidate, visited strikers in the Detroit area earlier this week.

The Strikes

The strikes started last weekend. Initially, about 850 janitors employed by Aramark and represented by the UAW left service early Sunday. Then, after the union's separate 2015 contract with GM expired, around 46,000 GM workers went on strike in the United States early Monday morning.

For GM strikers, wages, health care benefits, job security, and the end of a graduated pay system are issues that make temporary agency workers permanent employees.

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Aramark Employees have been working since March 2018 without a contract. The janitorial jobs start at $ 11 and go up to $ 15.18 an hour after five years. They described some of their work as dangerous, for example, the cleaning of equipment in the paint shop with high-pressure water.

People close to GM and the UAW believe it is important to sign a provisional new deal with Aramark at about the same time as GM. Otherwise, the UAW workers on both sides have the opportunity to cross the pickets of the others.

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The GM bid

GM published last On Sunday a statement in which it made a strong offer to the UAW that "wages, benefits and US jobs will be substantially expanded, and it is disappointing that the UAW leadership has decided to strike at midnight tonight have negotiated in good faith and with a sense of urgency, our goal remains to build a strong future for our people and our business. "

GM has also offered solutions for" unassigned "companies in its bid" assembly plants in Michigan and ohio. This is in the context of GM's announcement last autumn to decommission two gearboxes, one in Warren and one in Baltimore, along with the Lordstown Assembly in Ohio and the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly.

GM's planned solutions include the construction of an electric pickup and batteries in Detroit-Hamtramck and a battery cell manufacturing facility in a part of Lordstown. GM continues discussions on the sale of Lordstown to an investment group that includes the electric vehicle manufacturer, Workhorse.

The company's offer states that it will invest $ 7 billion over the four years of the agreement and provide 5,400 jobs. The free press has learned that only half of these jobs are new.

GM also offered a ratification bonus of $ 8,000. This was paid out to every member in 2015 after the foundation had ratified this treaty. GM paid a flat-rate ratification payment of $ 2,000 to active temporary workers who had worked at least 90 days prior to the agreement's entry into force.

However, the Free Press learned that GM has suggested workers pay 15% of their health care costs compared to the current estimated level of 3% of health care expenditures. Another person familiar with talks said GM's offer saves current health care benefits at the same cost.

GM said it will spend US $ 2108 million on health care for US Hours Workers, which some industry observers consider unsustainable. The average US worker pays approximately 28% of healthcare costs, according to the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor.

In addition, the Free Press reported that the offer includes a 2% pay increase for UAW workers for the first and third year of the four-year contract and 2% capital payments in the second and fourth years. The 2015 contract increased wages by 3% in the first and third years and by 4% in the second year.

Employees who have lost 16% of their pay since 2010 are on the payroll after years of rewards for GM and the other automakers. They also want to offset wages for post-2007 workers starting at $ 17 an hour and rising to $ 28 an hour after seven years.

Another central topic was temporary workers. About 7% to 10% of GM's workforce over the course of a year is made up of temporary workers who receive $ 15 an hour and have no opportunity to switch when their factory is closed. The union wants them to find a permanent way. GM wants the right to hire more temporary workers for flexibility.

The union has decided to first negotiate with GM to reach a model agreement, which can then be passed on to Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, who are working on contract renewals.

Layoffs with Ripple Effect

  • The effects of the UAW strike on GM are felt by thousands of suppliers who have temporarily laid off workers because GM assembly plants are not accepting deliveries.
  • GM will shut down part of its DMAX engine plant at Moraine on Monday, Ohio, GM spokesman Dan Flores said if the strike continues. The company is building the 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine in heavy duty pickups from GM, a product of Flint Assembly Plant. Some 550 DMAX workers represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will be temporarily released. DMAX will continue to build engine blocks but not full engines.
  • Unifor, Canada's auto workers' union, announced Friday that 4,500 of its members were temporarily fired, CNBC reported. These include 1,200 employees at GM's truck assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, which was shut down late Tuesday due to a lack of parts manufactured at UAW's US plants. On Friday morning, Oshawa's car line stopped due to a parts shortage caused by the US strike, GM said. At present, around 2,000 employees per hour will be temporarily dismissed at the automaker, which is scheduled to close at the end of the year.
  • Oshawa's punching shop continues. It punches sheets for the CAMI plant in Ontario, where the Chevrolet Equinox SUV is built. Unifor told CNBC that GM plans to temporarily lay off 700 additional employees at the company's St. Catharines plant Monday and reassess production at the CAMI plant next week if the strike continues. A GM spokesman declined to comment on speculation.
  • GM said its operations in Mexico are still operational, but watch the situation daily.

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