A woman in New York used her shuttle service and did a solo photo shoot. "Width =" 540 "data-mycapture-src =" "data-mycapture-sm-src =" [19659013] A woman in New York used her way and did a solo photo shoot. (Photo: Andrew Burton, Getty Images)

One woman had a complete selfie photo shoot in a New York subway car and we're all here to gain that level of self-confidence.

Over the weekend, writer Ben Yahr released a Nowvideo he had taken of the woman in a black dress posing with her cell phone camera for a photo shoot.

In the video, the woman Jess visits on Twitter used her purse to prop her cell phone on the subway bench before going to work. Sister hit all her angles. She used fierce looks. She even crouched down to take a glamor photo of her face.

Jess did all this in full view of the rest of the passengers and obviously did not care what they thought.

Twitter was awed before the confidence of this woman.

"I want to be so undisturbed in life", wrote one user.

"So it's NOT to be socially scared," asked another Twitter user.

Some people thought it was strange to study photography while commuting while others wanted to see the final product that did not disappoint.

Jess re-released Yahr's video and added two of them to photos taken on the train.

Jess did not respond to a request for a comment from USA TODAY.

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