A headmistress at the Indiana school who allegedly used her own insurance to support a sick student faced several charges, including insurance fraud.

Casey Smitherman – Superintendent of Elwood Community Schools in Elwood, Indiana – was released on bail on charges of fraud and identity fraud and deportation and official misconduct on Wednesday and later, according to court records.

Smitherman says the charges would come after she had recently gone to a student who had missed school and had symptoms of strep throat. After denying treatment in one clinic, the student took him to another, this time saying he was her son.

"I have a duty to this community and our students, and regret it, if that undermined their confidence," Smitherman said in a statement released by Fox 59. "From the beginning, it was my ultimate goal, the best conditions for growth Physically, Mentally, and Academically by Elwood students, I remain focused on that purpose. "[1

9659003] Smitherman filled out an amoxicillin prescription for the 15-year-old student in the name of her son, the station reports, citing court documents.

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Smitherman told the police that she was worried about the student when he did not go to school this month, and that she had previously helped WISH-TV by buying clothes for him and helped clean his home.

A claim for a doctor's visit, in which the boy was diagnosed with a sore throat, was estimated at $ 233, the station reports, citing medical records.

In a statement from Wednesday, Smitherman wants to carry out a diversion program that would do so. Prosecution will be allowed if she avoids further arrests in the coming year.

Smitherman has received support from the President of the School Board.

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