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The Supreme Court agrees to hear the DACA case as winner of the Trump administration

WASHINGTON – The US Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide the fate of the DACA, a federal program that allowed 700,000 young people – known as "dreamers" – to prevent deportation.

The court will hear the case during the next trial term, which begins in October. A decision in such a controversial case should not be taken before the beginning of 2020, as it ensures that the program for the late arrival of children in the presidential campaign will be taken into account.

DACA, an initiative from the Obama era, allows children of illegal immigrants to stay in the United States if they were under 1

6 when their parents brought them in and if they arrived by 2007.

The Trump administration ceased the program in 2017, but the federal courts blocked this attempt. After a brief pause, the government accepted renewal requests from DACA participants, which must be submitted every two years. Then the Trump administration called on the Supreme Court to overturn the decisions that allowed the DACA.

The DACA supporters have been largely successful in their legal fight to maintain the program. Courts in San Francisco (New York) and Washington (DC) have prevented the government from closing the system. The Justice Department asked the judges late last year to address these cases in the fast lane and decide the matter during the current term of office of the Supreme Court. However, the court refused this invitation and allowed the program to continue.

The Trump administration told the court that the program "sanctions the ongoing violation of federal law by more than half a million people" and argues that it is not authorized by immigration laws. Government lawyers also said that leaving the DACA "compromises the ability to send a message that leaves no doubt about the clear, coherent, and transparent enforcement of immigration laws." Judgments would prevent the government from prosecuting individual DACAs if necessary. " To initiate the recipient. They also noted that President Donald Trump himself takes conflicting positions in the program and says at one point, "I love the dreamers."

In the first few months of the Trump administration, the Department of Homeland Security said it was not to interfere with DACA. However, she later supported a lawsuit from Texas and seven other states stating that the program illegally grants the right to those seeking to obtain a work permit to the Department of Justice and Supreme Court, based in Washington.

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