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The surprising reason fans are happy that BTS will be performing remotely at the MTV VMAs

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) hasn’t stopped MTV from hosting the annual Video Music Awards. However, to encourage social distancing, the event will take place in different locations in New York City.

BTS was announced as one of the cast on the show alongside Doja Cat and J Balvin. The K-pop group will also perform from South Korea. While fans can’t see BTS brushing shoulders with other stars, fandom seems excited about the idea of ​​BTS filming their performance in their home country. There’s a surprising reason for this. Read on below to find out what it is.

BTS will perform their new English language single ‘Dynamite’.

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7;s next single in English

In July, BTS announced that they would release a single called “Dynamite” on August 21st. Unlike her previous singles, this one will be in English.

“We are preparing an album for the second half of this year, but we decided to release a single first because we wanted to reach our fans as soon as possible,” said BTS on a live stream, according to Billboard. “Because of COVID-19, people around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to give our fans some positive energy.”

Shortly thereafter, Big Hit Entertainment announced that BTS will be playing Dynamite on the MTV VMAs through a calendar on Twitter listing the song’s promotional schedule. Korean news outlets have also reported that although BTS will be promoting their songs in America, they will be making their appearances remotely.

The surprising reason fans are happy that BTS will be performing remotely at the VMAs

BTS | Steven Ferdman / Getty Images for ESB

However, it doesn’t seem like many fans are upset that BTS will be remotely performing their song. In fact, they seem happy. This is because BTS fans have long complained about the camerawork at American awards shows. K-pop fans are used to seeing camera work on Korean TV channels that is much more focused on presenting choreography. In the meantime, American shows often pause the performances to show the audience.

“In addition to making this the safest option for everyone involved, we also get good camera work and no audience footage,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Meanwhile, another person said, “Now you can stay safe and still show America how BTS works when you have some phase of your own production and amazing camera work.”

BTS fans have also been calling the VMAs for alleged xenophobia

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While it seems positive for BTS to show their new song in front of a large audience, some fans at the VMAs aren’t particularly happy.

Last year, K-Pop fans called on the VMAs to create a K-Pop category instead of simply nominating BTS in the larger categories like “Artist of the Year” or “Video of the Year”.

This year, fans continue to be mad at the VMAs for maintaining their K-pop category and again failing to nominate BTS in major categories, despite being able to outbid well-known artists like Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

In addition, fans believe that BTS should be nominated for “Best Quarantine Performance” for their virtual concert “Bang Bang Con The Live”, which was seen by over 700,000 people in 107 regions.

“The continuous cutting of BTS from major categories like video / SOTY / AOTY in these western shows is xenophobia,” said a Twitter user. “They pull the same (if not more) numbers and have the same impact on the industry as all these other artists, and yet they are not taken srsly for being Koreans.”

Another fan tweeted: “‘Bang Bang Con’ wasn’t nominated for the best quarantine performance, which we had 750,000 live viewers, and broke a Guinness world record … that’s literally xenophobia.”

However, some fans have pointed out that, because it was a paid performance, Bang Bang Con The Live may not qualify for the Best Quarantine Service category. In any case, fans still seem to agree that BTS will continue to struggle to be treated fairly in the American music industry.

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