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The Tesla Model Y will have a RWD (Rear Rad Drive) version with a range of over 300 miles

Tesla will launch a cheaper Model Y in a rear-wheel drive configuration that will have a range of over 300 miles per charge.

The upcoming version would be the first single-engine version of the Model Y for the fully electric crossover and is expected to have an entry-level price of around $ 40,000. By offering a Model Y long-range RWD, Tesla would round off its Model Y range with a wide range of large battery variants that differ primarily in performance, need for all-weather traction and, of course, affordability.

“We have lowered the prices for the LR twin motor model Y and will offer a LR single motor Y in a few months that improves affordability and at the same time keeps the product excellent,”

; Musk replied on Twitter when asked if this was the case intends to continue offering a standard 250 mile Y range.

Tesla recently lowered the price of its Model Y Dual Motor to just under $ 50,000 at $ 49,990. The drop in price of $ 3,000 follows other recent price cuts across the fleet, including Model 3, Model S and Model X. It is part of the company’s drive to achieve price parity with combustion engine vehicles by reducing the cost of battery cells through economies of scale.

With the rapid advancement of battery cell technology and associated hardware, Tesla is quickly closing the gap between driving an electric car and a gas car. In addition, the company continues to raise the bar for the minimum acceptable range of its electric cars.

When asked why Tesla will not launch a Standard Range Model Y, Musk concluded that a range of less than 250 miles with an EPA rating would be “unacceptably low”.

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