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The top 3 participants from the season of Colton Underwood, which we expect to see

Colton Underwood's Season of The Bachelor was full of twists and will await few. In the end, Colton fell deeply in love with Cassie, and the two seem to have a lifelong connection that will end in marriage – but we can not forget that Cassie left him first when things got difficult. The absence of a final rose ceremony and the shocking fence jump were enough to commemorate this season.

Besides all the drama, there is another reason why we can never forget this season of . The Bachelor – and that's because of the amazing women who fought for Colton's heart. Now we are looking forward to see who we can look for love at the Bachelor in Paradise. We believe we will be on the beach.

Hannah G. has already said whom she hopes to meet in

's Paradise. Cassie may have conquered Colton's heart, but overall, it seemed the fans were really looking for Hannah Godwin. It had broken in the end when Colton shortened her time just before the final Rosary ceremony, and we remember her bravely asking for answers during the season finale. Many expected that they would become the next Bachelorette . While we now know that Hannah Brown will be the next major character in the series, we believe that this is certainly not the last time we'll hear from Hannah G.

It seems that the blonde beauty has also considered the possibility Bachelor in Paradise, . When Extra TV asked her if she wanted to go out for the love of the beach, she said, "I'm open to it. I love the beach and I love the love. I heard you both can find these things there. It is possible, you never know. "She even mentioned that when she goes to Paradise she hopes Blake Hortsman, runner-up from Becca Kufrin's season, will be there. "I had to hang out with him to find out if that would work and everything. Maybe Paradise would be a place to meet, "Hannah said.

We've received a hint that Demi will be there

The group, but fans loved Demi Burnett over the course Demi was always selfish from the beginning ̵

1; and although she may have been too much for Colton, she made it clear that she still believes herself to be strong, self-confident, and capable of finding love.The refinery29 reminds us that She told Chris Harrison during the special of Mrs. Tell All (19459003): "I know who I am and I know that I am a nonsense, and there are great people, and one day I will find someone. "

During the special, Chris also seemed to give an important clue that we would also see Demi again, saying to her," You're definitely a funny ghost, something tells me we're probably going to see you somewhere. " Demi smiled knowingly, which made us all believe that she was enrolled for the Bachelor in Paradise (19459003).

Tayshia has talked about appearing on TV again

She may not be as inconsolable as Hannah G. or as inconspicuous as Demi, but Tayshia has certainly achieved a serious following as one of the runners-up in Colton's season , Fans admired how strong, wise and confident Tayshia was because she seems to be a smart woman who knows what she wants and has a good head on her shoulders. And we would also like to find her in Paradise love, as she had many people who had chosen for her and Colton.

During an interview with Vulture, Tayshia talked about the chances of her returning Reality TV for love. "I have mixed feelings. I'm looking forward to the other possibilities, whether with Paradise or something else. I'll never say never. But it's a different world, "she said. Hopefully, Tayshia will decide with some time that Paradise is the perfect place to find love and try again.

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