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The top 6 drama-free zodiac signs, according to astrology

Save the drama for your mom.

No, not everyone is the drama queen you are! In fact, in astrology, there are dramaturgical zodiac signs that do not choose to topple tables in restaurants or throw huge bouts when angry. I'm not sure if there are really great signs of it, but many of us really do not want drama in our lives, and we're ready to back this up with action … or rather, lack of action.

Wanting a life without drama is usually a sign that you're mature, and that you've found out by experimenting that it's worth anything to make a big, fat, dramatic deal out of anything to be done.

Drama is theater ̵

1; it's a fictional habit, a distraction, unreal, that is not worth believing in. We create drama because we can not handle the simplicity of reality. We need to make it bigger so we can feel what our hearts tell us.

To live drama-free is not just a fashionable slogan, but a reality for those who come to understand that life is much more peaceful without the extra fiction that comes with the attraction drama , Some throw dramatic fits only to attract attention, but they rarely do anything, but the pain keeps getting bigger. Others are leaving the drama, and these are the people who are confident and trust themselves.

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