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The Triple Team: In a nomination of one million million in the NBA, jazz learned that they would play the Rockets, while Grayson Allen scored 40 points

. 1 A Series of Unfortunate Events

It's really one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen. Jazz Broadcaster Conner Varney summed it all up, I thought: For jazz Portland to play, jazz needed only one of those things:

  • Minnesota to win a game in which they were 3-11: 27 still in the game Game. Profit probability at this time: 98.7%.
  • Sacramento won a game in which she had risen by 25, 8:35 in the third quarter. Probability of winning at this time: 98.2%
  • Do not forget yesterday's games! After Houston was 1
    4 in Oklahoma City and 9:26 in fourth place, they had a winning percentage of 96.1%. There was also a 97.5% chance that Houston won this game when they had the ball four points and 30 seconds before the finish.
  • Oh, and then the Lakers were in third place and fourth last night at 3:47 in Portland. They had a chance of winning 79.4%.

That's 1 in 898,957 odds. Almost one in a million.

I mean, how come? I would like to highlight the absurdity of the Portland result: The Blazers had decided to lose this game. So they played six players who had the whole game over their very bad stand. They had dropped by half at 28 and were trying to lose. They have won.

If you're looking for someone to blame, blame King Coach Dave Joerger for deciding that it's safe to pull his starters this half-time because he thinks he has a head start could have Blazers roster of 28 points against the worst players of the team. They could not do it.

Blame is Chris Paul, who made a wild shot with 30 seconds remaining at the end of Rocket's ownership. Or blame the entire missile defense, which somehow allowed the ball to get to Paul George, the only dangerous shooter of OKC, without a timeout or a game was called.

Blame the wolves for collapsing in this way and a 12- They ran right when it seemed they could actually make a surprise.

Blame me. I booked my hotel in Portland at half-time of their game because Portland was 28 again and tried to lose. I thought that was for sure. I cursed that.

. 2 Anyway, the jazz game Houston now

Is this * much * worse than playing the blazers from a jazz perspective? I think it is much worse: this Blazers team showed some real weaknesses in the playoffs of last year that Quin Snyder and jazz could have copied. Enes Kanter is obviously exploitable in the defense, but also Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. Keeping Lillard and McCollum in check would have been a challenge that jazz might have failed, but I think the offense would have been much more effective.

But I'll say the following: I think jazz is getting more challenging for the Rockets than last season. I do not think it's because of their relative health: I do not know how effective Ricky Rubio will be because he was not a plus in any of the four matchups this year, and does not look too fit against the Rocket's defensive defense. And of course it's a blow to lose Dante Exum.

My reason for some optimism is this: last year Jazz's strategy for James Harden worked a great deal, and in each game he took on an ever smaller role and lost more and more shots. It was really Chris Paul who saved her, but this season he was not so effective. Whether it's injury or age, Paul's shot is 4% worse than last year.

And there is no Trevor Ariza, who did all the shows with Donovan Mitchell very well. Mitchell's handling of rim protectors like Clint Capela has gotten a bit better. Rudy Goberts has improved a bit in defending space and in points and has done better midfield this year.

Here's the bad news: The Rockets have won 20 of their last 24 games. Two of these four losses were around one point, one by two points. The big loss was 14 points and that was league leader Milwaukee Bucks. They are so good, right now.

But still, that's the challenge that jazz has been planning since the offseason. Quin Snyder meticulously searched for how to attack defensive defense, how to play differently against the missiles. The jazz should not be preferred, the rockets should But I think it will be a fight.

We will be reporting much more in the coming days.

I have the feeling that I do not make guys like Grayson Allen, Georges Niang and Tony Bradley of a service by having only one point of the triple team on the actual game, but this game was the fourth most interesting game for she the night. That was obvious from the rotations and the early players.

Nevertheless, Grayson Allen scored 40 points in a game in which the Clippers played an NBA-adjacent spin! Admittedly, this rotation knew that this game did not matter, but even if it was a concrete game, that would be pretty impressive.

"It's fantastic for (my G-League teammates). and all of us, to get the opportunity to play out there in an NBA game with longer minutes out there, "Allen said. They also did a really good job. "They've shown that they can play and have talent."

It must have been really cool when the boys get the chance to end their season by showing off what they can do with ESPN How excited Tony Bradley's family must be after watching his games online on Twitch and elsewhere to see him play and play reasonably well with ESPN.

Well, Bradley will tell you.

"It It felt like unreal, it felt like NBA2K or something in MyPlayer, "said Bradley.

That's how it felt all night, actually, something that could not happen in real life Sunday.

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