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The Trump administration suffers another Obamacare strike in court

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                  The legal setbacks have also come about as high-stakes President Donald Trump has made another attempt to dismantle Obamacare, which he calls" an absolute disaster "Called Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images </p>
<p>  The Trump administration has lost another lawsuit in Obamacare – the second this week – as the president revived his drive to destroy and replace the 2010 health bill. </p>
<p>  A Federal The judge ruled late Thursday in Washington that the government's efforts to expand the availability of health plans that are not in line with the Affordable Care Act cover a deliberate and illegal "end run" around the Federal Health Act as "Association Health Plans", which cost less than many of Obamac's plans are but also less health-promoting. </p>
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The verdict of US District Court Judge John Bates, a candidate appointed by George W. Bush, comes only one day at a time . Federal Judge rejected the Trump administration's work requirements for people on Medicaid and concluded that these new rules in Kentucky and Arkansas violate the primary goal of the program is health insurance coverage for low-income Americans.

The work requirements of Medicaid and the extension of care beyond the Obamacare rules were an integral part of the Trump administration's approach to health care. The president and top officials have argued that such changes are necessary to bring relief to Americans suffering from the strict rules and costs of the ACA. Several other Trump health policies face legal challenges.

The legal setbacks have also occurred, as Trump has made high stakes in another attempt to dismantle Obamacare, which he called "an absolute disaster" week by choosing a federal judge who had ruled in December that the entire ACA, which was adopted almost ten years ago, is unconstitutional and must be thrown. This was a reversal of the previous position of the Ministry of Justice, according to which only part of the law should be deleted.

"See, we will be the party of great health care," Trump told reporters Wednesday. "The Democrats have failed you. They really let you down. Obamacare does not work.

The steps of the Trump government infuriated many Republican lawmakers and still failed due to failed resolution efforts in 2017. They would prefer to attack the Democrats to adopt "Medicare for All", which they mock as socialized medicine This will abolish all private insurance.

The Democrats gained control of the house in 2018 by pillorying the Republicans for trying to overturn a law that had claimed an estimated 20 million Americans, though the GOP could not reach agreement on what should come next.

The Trump administration's efforts to expand the availability of health plans for associations sparked a complaint from eleven democrat-led states and the District of Columbia, who argued that the rules must violate federal law and be discarded.

"We are pleased that the District Court has seen Trump's transparent efforts to sabotage our health system and their well-being. We have critical consumer protection in the service of its own partisan agenda," said New York Attorney General Tish James

It was not immediately clear if the administration would appeal.

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