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The Trump administration wants to turn back the emission standards for vehicles

The Trump government is expected to make efforts in the coming days to weaken automobiles' greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel consumption standards, bring about victory for automakers, and give them the opportunity to reverse standards worldwide

This undermines one President Barack Obama's efforts to combat climate change would also drive the Trump government into a court dispute with California, which has vowed to abide by the stricter rules, even as Washington pushes back federal standards. This fight could eventually lead to a set of rules for cars sold in California and the 12 states that follow its lead, and weaker rules for the rest of the states dividing the nation into two markets. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is set to launch the initiative to lift regulatory burdens on automakers, which, according to him Experts in the Plan Will Lead Customers to More Affordable Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

An EPA Spokeswoman Confirmed Pruitt had submitted a draft 1

6-page plan to the White House for approval.

The details of the plan are still being worked out. These specifics, which are expected this year, could, in the opinion of two persons familiar with the considerations, essentially repress the standards of the Obama era.

"That's certainly a big deal," said Robert Stavins, director of the Harvard Environmental Economics program. "The result will be more gas-guzzling vehicles on the road, higher overall gasoline consumption and a significant increase in carbon dioxide emissions."

According to two people familiar with the plans of the EPA, Pruitt should formally announce his proposal Tuesday at a car dealer in the suburbs of Virginia, but the timetable remained in motion.

Big automakers would welcome the change. They are ready to engage in new rules that "meet our customers' needs for affordable, safe, clean and fuel-efficient transportation," said Gloria Bergquist, a spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, representing many of the world's largest automakers [19659002InCaliforniaprosecutorssaidtheywereexpectingafightThestatehasaspecialpermitundertheCleanAirActof1970thatauthorizesittoenforcestricterairpollutionstandardsthanthefederalgovernmentclaimstobearemnantofCalifornia'shistoryofestablishingitsownairpollutionlegislationpriortotheentryintoforceoffederalregulations"Wearereadytodowhateverweneedtodefendtheprocess"saidXavierBecerraCaliforniaAttorneyGeneralinaninterview

The Californian Disclaimer gives the state considerable power to require automakers to comply with stricter standards. Not only is California a huge auto market itself, but 12 other states, including New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania have historically followed its lead. Together, they represent more than a third of the domestic auto market.

"We will primarily defend the existing federal greenhouse gas standards," Becerra said. "We defend them because they are good for the entire nation, and no one should think that it is easy to undo something that is not only good for the country but also good for the planet."

Pruitt has signaled that he is ready to accept such a challenge. "California is not the arbiter of these issues," he told Bloomberg TV this month.

On Wednesday, a coalition of free market groups, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, urged Pruitt to take over California. "It's time for the EPA to act," the groups said. If the agency did not act swiftly, the groups said, "People throughout the state of California are faced with unrealistic and costly mandates that threaten their fundamental right to vote."

President Donald Trump has also talked about the withdrawal of efficiency rules, known as the "Corporate Average Fuel Economy" or CAFE. "I'm sure you've all heard the big news, that we'll be working on the CAFE standards so you can build cars again in America," Trump said in a Detroit car research facility last March. "We want to be the car capital of the world again, we will be, and it will not be long."

The rules aimed at reducing the exhaust emissions of carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming, were one of the two pillars of Obama's climate change heritage. In 2012, they would have required automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

The rules would also have put the United States, historically a laggard in fuel economy regulations, a world leader in the production of electric and especially fuel-efficient vehicles.

Less restrictive regulations in the US could offer automakers the opportunity to seek for milder standards in other locations as well, leading to higher levels of pollution for cars around the world.

"The concern is that automakers will be going around the world, basically trying to influence regulators, saying, look, because the United States has slowed down, should be everywhere else," said Anup Bandivadekar, a researcher at International Clean Transport Council, a think tank focused on clean vehicle technology and policy. Global car manufacturers "apply developments in one region to engage in change in other regions."

U.S. Automakers originally accepted Obama's plan in 2009 to harmonize what was then a smorgasbord of pollution and efficiency standards set by the EPA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and California. And the automakers were unable to resist; They had just taken out a $ 80 billion bailout to survive a global economic crisis.

The plan would have led automakers to accelerate their development of extremely fuel-efficient vehicles, including hybrid and electric cars. But within weeks of Trump's inauguration last year, the executives of the Big Three car companies met in the Oval Office to say that the Obama tailpipe standard was too hard to reach.

Trump assigned the EPA a new, less stringent set of standards under Pruitt's handiwork. The announcement expected on Tuesday would be the first legal step.

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