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The Trump government calls on the Supreme Court to face the challenge of the consumer bureau

The Trump Administration and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on Tuesday called on the Supreme Court to bring an action against the constitutionality of the agency.

The Supreme Department of Justice and CFPB lawyers argued in a brief lawsuit filed on Tuesday that the structure of the powerful financial guardian violated the executive power of the president.

The lawyers urged the Supreme Court to address a case that could potentially have fatal consequences for the CFPB and to stop or weaken its efforts to monitor the financial sector.

"The structure of the Bureau, including the reasons Limiting the dismissal of its sole director violates the separation of powers of the constitution. "The lawyers of the government have called on the Supreme Court to close the lawsuit against Selia Law. CFPB before the 5th Court of Appeal. 1

9659008] The mandate is the latest move by the Trump government and Republicans to invalidate CFPB and override what Democrats consider a powerful independent financial regulator began in 2012 with the supervision of banks and lenders. Under the direction of former director Richard Cordray the agency Richard Adams CordrayWatchdog has to opt for one side: consumers or scammers Kraningers CFPB's give consumers the tools to help themselves House blames Mulvaney's efforts to curb the consumer bureau , MORE a Democrat, issued comprehensive regulations and severe penalties for companies accused of harming or abusing consumers.

Proponents of the Republicans and the financial industry had long attempted to stem the power of the CFPB through lawsuits and laws, insisting that the agency and its leader had abused their excessive power. As a serious incompetence or misconduct, Dodd-Frank has the authority of President impeded over the executive.

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in 2016 that the structure of the controversial surveillance agency is unconstitutional. But this decision, made by the later Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh, was overturned by the full court in 2018.

The CFPB remained largely isolated from GOP attacks until Cordray resigned in November 2017 to run for the governor of Ohio. His departure allowed Trump to appoint Mick Mulvaney. John (Mick) Michael Mulvaney The head of NOAA praises the agency's scientists for a statement that Trump's Tweet confirms NOAA MORE now White House Chief of Staff to investigate as deputy director of the CFPB.

Mulvaney took comprehensive steps to weaken the CFPB from within, to delay and curtail certain provisions of the Cordray era, and to facilitate oversight over the CFPB's financial sector and devastating office morale.

Current CFPB director Kathy Kraninger has taken the agency more moderately, although her support for her position being dismissed at will by the president reflects GOP's deep skepticism about its structure.

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