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The Trump government imposes new sanctions on Iran

The Trump administration announced on Friday that it would impose new sanctions on more than two dozen Iranians involved in the country's nuclear and missile research programs when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced Iran's growing influence.

The Ministry of Finance said sanctions target 31 Iranian scientists, technicians and companies belonging to the Iranian Organization for Defense Innovation and Research, which is known to be at the forefront of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

"People working for the Iranian proliferation programs – including scientists, procurement officers, and technical experts ̵

1; should be aware of the reputation and financial risk they are exposed to by working for the Iranian nuclear program," said the State Department in a Friday statement.

The administration's move to impose sanctions is unusual because they do not focus on what individuals are doing, but this is more due to their previous work in developing nuclear weapons

The targeted officials continue to work in the Iranian defense sector and belong to a core group of experts who could be reinstated in the nuclear program, which involves 14 people, including the chief the organization, and 17 Toc

The sanctions freeze assets that the targeted individuals may have in the US and block Americans from any transactions with them. Officials said the move will make the "radioactive internationally" and subject all those who do business to it to further US sanctions.

Iran has pledged not to continue working on nuclear weapons under the 2015 Nuclear Accord. The United Nations nuclear warden has said that Iran is mistakenly mistaken about this agreement that the United States drew last year.

The Trump government has imposed US sanctions under the terms of The Agreement was enforced as part of a pressure campaign to force Iran to agree to the renegotiation agreement.

The announcement occurred when Pompeo in Beirut warned Lebanese authorities to curb the influence of Iran-backed Hezbollah's movement. He says that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and that it is not allowed to legislate or take power despite its presence in parliament and in the government of Lebanon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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