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The Type 64 from Porsche did not sell because of a strange mess at the auction

Photo: RM Sotheby's

There were several press releases. There was a high-quality video. There was a Chris Harris Top Gear video. The hype generated for the auction of the only remaining Porsche Type 64 made him basically the supra of the auction world. So when yesterday evening a strange mistake destroyed this hype and triggered a no-sale, that was surprising.

The Type 64 is the car that connects Volkswagen to Porsche and was designed by Adolf Hitler for a road rally from Berlin to Rome. It is a strange and unique piece of automotive history with only three built and one surviving. As a result, the last type 64 should bring in around 20 million US dollars.

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However, according to Bloomberg the auction house opened the offer with $ 30 million. Within a few bids, the price rose to $ 70 million! This price would make it the most expensive car of all time and comfortably outperform the $ 48.4 million Ferrari GTO. Of course that means, of course, if someone had actually offered so much.

In a confusing turn, the auctioneer announced a correction. Despite the on-screen bids of $ 30, $ 40, and eventually $ 70 million, the actual bids started at $ 13 million. The highest bid was $ 17 million, not $ 70 million.

According to Bloomberg, no one really knew if this was a surprising mistake by one of the most respected auction houses or a strange attempt to build more hype. Either way, it did not suit the audience.

After many confusions and doubts as to whether they were deliberately tricked, there was little interest in offering. No one came forward to beat the $ 17 million bid, and so the auction ended there. It looks like the reserve has not been reached as the car is still available for sale. A video from an auction visitor captured all the confusion:

After all this excitement, the Type 64 auction reached a strange and unsatisfactory end. We contacted RM Sotheby & # 39; s for clarification and will update when we hear about it.

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