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The Ultimate Guide on Managing Moving Day

The Ultimate Guide on Managing Moving Day

Often managing a moving day is one of the darkest of tasks. However, when you stay prepared to handle things well before in time, it becomes a lot easier that it is.

Tips on managing your moving day!!!

Confine your pets

Check your dog or cat or any pet foes not get frenzy because of the various activities that goes around during the moving day. Of course, your movers don’t want to deal with a dog that barks on them profusely, hence, it is your duty to confine your pets.

Provide refreshments

If it is the day of summers or a hot day then snacks with cold drink or water will go with you while when it comes on the cold days, offering them hot chocolate with then a hot cup of coffee is an ideal option for you. If your friends are helping you with your move-in packing or on moving day in loading your home belongings then don’t forget to offer dinner, lunch, and refreshments to your friends during this busy day.

Also, consider your neighbours when it comes to refreshments. Make sure your moving truck would not become a hassle for your neighbours, it should not block the driveway of your neighbours. Make sure that your movers would not walk over the flowerbeds of your neighbours.

It is also recommended you moving during the daytime. Don’t move too early or too late. Yes, on moving day, you need to face lots of trash. Don’t leave trash or your unwanted stuff on the sidewalk. Don’t forget to place all the trash in the proper container and if goes overflow then go to the local dump. Don’t leave it anywhere on your neighbour’s driveway or anywhere.

The golden rule of the move

Try to leave your old home as clean and clear as it is possible. Make a final check after everything is out from your home. Make sure nothing left behind.

Finishing up the move

It is recommended you to be available to answer any questions that your movers want to ask you on moving day. Stay around until they are finished with their job. Moving companies out of state will ask you to sign a bill of lading. Before signing the bill of lading, make sure to check it. When movers load the truck completely, check the inventory sheet.

Bill of lading is nothing but a document that is required by transport services to move your personal belongings. You should read all the documents carefully before signing.

If you are satisfied and happy with movers work that how they handle your possessions, you can offer a customary tip to them. The amount of the tip can be higher or lower as per your budget and preference. If your friends and neighbours helped you during your move, don’t forget to offer them refreshments of snacks and a pizza based on your budget and preferences. It is always a good idea to provide food to the friends and family as a celebratory meal. This is the best way to say thank you to your friends.

A route to success

It is recommended you to prepare in a better way for your moving day. No matter whether you hire full-service movers or whether you embark on a does it your self-move, get prepared for every small thing.

There are chances that the moving truck that you have hired might not follow that usual route you take to reach your home. It is because the size of the car is small then a moving truck. Another reason can be the restrictions levied on the weight and the size. For example a low bridge or overhanging trees. To save yourself from any kind of hassle and difficulty, plan as much as you can. If it is possible to drive the route once before you embark on the move to watch the obstacles in the way. If it is not possible to drive the route then a google map can be an ideal option for you. Before you depart from your home with a moving truck, contact the department of transportation & ask them about any ongoing construction on the road on your way.

Coordinate with professional movers

Your goal is to reach a new location before your movers reach there. It is recommended you to exchange mobile numbers before you depart. Staying in touch with one another will be helpful for you. You should also have backup plans for unexpected circumstances. In case there is any change in the schedule then contact movers as soon as it is possible. Several movers also offer internet tracking of shipments allowing you to track the shipment. It will offer you the peace of mind to know where the shipment has reached.

Given enough time to yourself

Don’t forget to give enough time to yourself. Yes, moving day is the day flooded with lots of work. But planning the picture will offer you extra time for yourself.

So, are you ready for your next move?