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The unfortunate truth of the Rangers

The Rangers embarked on a critical road trip in the 10-Game Division by being swept away by Houston Astros, first place. The Rangers have now lost seven games in a row and sit 12 games behind the Astros and seven games from the second and place in the American League.

It's time to sell for the 2019 Texas Rangers.

It seems the lack of pitching is finally catching up with the Rangers. They have now lost 11 of the July 14 games against teams that either fight for a place in the playoffs or against teams that are comfortable in the playoffs.

In some ways, the decision to sell was made at the beginning of the season. While playing good baseball in June (1

8-11), the Front Office needed to know that they could not count on a playoff spot with only two capable starters.

While the Rangers were statistically one of them, one of the biggest drawbacks this season was the strikeout. During these seven defeats in one game, they have struck 82 times.

Here are some of the notable battles in the Rangers lineup.

Nomar Mazara is 4 for his last 31 with 12 rashes.

Joey Gallo is 3 for his last 30 with 17 rashes.

Rougned Odor is 3 for his last 29 with 13 rashes.

Ronald Guzman is 3 for his last 39 with 18 rashes.

Elvis Andrus is 4 for his last 29

While the trade talks for Texas are getting hotter in the next 10 days, one thing to watch is what kind of players the Rangers get back. It is believed that the Rangers have changed their philosophy when it comes to the type of players they want to develop, compared to the type of players they want to contract as free agents.

Baseball in recent seasons, such as the Astros, Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox, you'll notice that they've developed positionalists and acquired most of their pitching through trading or through freelance agencies.

The philosophy is led by the stubborn Throw young pitchers more susceptible to injuries. Since 2010, several studies have been carried out showing that jars with the highest speed are more susceptible to Tommy John Surgery.

In a study from 2010, the American Journal of Sports Medicine pursued 23 professional pitchers. The three hardest-throwing pitchers all had to undergo Tommy John Surgery.

In 2017, 80 percent of the pitchers who averaged 95 miles per hour or were placed on the disabled list at some point during the season. Only 29 percent of the pitchers who had thrown between 150 km / h and 150 km / h were put on the disabled list, but they still were not on the DL as long as the pitchers were tougher home July 30 th against the Seattle Mariners.


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