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The upcoming Toyota Supra GRMN receives the 510 hp BMW M3 engine: report

The most common criticism of the fifth generation Supra is not a lack of performance, but the lack of a manual transmission. It’s a bit strange, but I guess it’s still welcome that our second place prayers for an even faster supra will be answered soon. The Japanese language publication Best car web Reports (first marked by Motor1) that the long-rumored Toyota Supra GRMN will receive the twin-turbo S58 six-cylinder of the new M3, which produces 510 hp.

The first is the first – yes, you should take this potential update with a grain of salt, as like any anonymized report, it could turn out to be a hoax. But Best car web was a consistent source of reports for the Supra GRMN, and other calls, like the next generation Toyota Land Cruiser dropping the V8, have proven to be true in our own reporting.

The S58 can currently be found in BMW̵

7;s X3M and X4M, where it delivers between 473 and 503 hp. However, it is expected that the engine will experience an increase in performance later this year when installed in the competition package specification of the classic M3 and M4 vehicles of the German brand. With 510 hp, this version of the S58 should theoretically be the most powerful. It is also what is said to run in the new Supra GRMN.

Regarding the transmission options, it is reported that the 7-speed DCT from BMW will be the only option. It was said that it was difficult to persuade BMW to hand over the automatic double clutch, but it finally agreed. We don’t know exactly why Toyota drives a different automatic, even though the community of enthusiasts is asking for a manual.

It is particularly unusual for Toyota not to ride a stick considering that a.) The M3 and M4 offer one and b.) Apparently only 200 of these hotter Supras are made. If you only want to make 200 special vehicles to sell for a very high premium, why not – you know what? Apparently there is no gain in this problem with the manual transmission. We should all just keep going.

Another strange fact is that – as we all know – the Supra and the Z4 are almost the same cars, except for the convertible roof and chassis tuning. Nevertheless, the Z4 is not treated with S58. So no, apparently there won’t be another Z4M.

Best car web also tells us that after the end of production for the current generation in 2025 there will be no new Supra. So if you like the new Supra, the good old days are now. Get one for as long as you can.

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