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The US and 26 other nations want to stop fuel imports from North Korea

In a report submitted to the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee for North Korea, Pyongyang is accused of violating a United Nations-imposed fuel import threshold by carrying out dozens of ship-to-ship transfers at sea that violate international sanctions. The details in the report were described to CNN and others by a UN Security Council diplomat with knowledge of the findings.

The US lawsuit over North Korean smuggling came a day after President Donald Trump said he had received another "nice letter" from North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un. The White House is interested in a third summit of the two heads of state and government.

You said that North Korea exceeded the allowable annual limit of 500,000 barrels of fuel import. The report states that, according to the diplomat, at least eight illegal transhipments took place from ship to ship with tankers flying the North Korean flag. The diplomat said there were 72 cases of violations that would also be prosecuted.

The diplomat gave North Korea the grade "F" regarding the implementation of fuel import sanctions.

The diplomat added, "The DPRK not only bypasses the petroleum ban, but systematically bypasses it this year and systematically bypasses it this year, and unchecked, it will basically have reached the same amount of refined oil smuggled into North Korea became like last year. "

The US prepared the report but, along with 26 other countries, asked the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee for North Korea to find that the gas cap was broken, and then called on all UN countries to do so Stop future oil transfers to North Korea.

The issue of illegal ship-to-ship transfers on the high seas is not new.

The Panel of Experts of the Sanctions Committee reported a massive increase in illegal ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products and coal. However, Washington's attempts to take action have been blocked by Russia and China.

The diplomat said he believes that China and Russia are more open Well, because the US took early action against Moscow and Beijing to provide more evidence and to act in a "more cooperative tone." The US does not say that they are calling for more sanctions against North Korea, but believes it is important to stop these illegal fuel deliveries from happening again.

According to the diplomat, bans on the transport of coal and iron ore work well.

According to the sanctions regulations, countries must report monthly sales of petroleum products to the committee. In the past, former US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley accused Russia of fraud, Moscow denied.

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