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The US can not compete with Huawei, says the company's executive

After US lawmakers had said for years that it was a national security threat that was worried that the Chinese Communist Party would force the company to collect information, Huawei had had enough. An unverified talk that his products contain backdoors ready to be an insider's tip for secret information being sent to Beijing, and when US officials are trying to get allies not to use their 5G network devices The executives of Huawei ready to fight. Revolving chairman Guo Ping told CNBC today that the country is pulling its name and reputation through the mud because the US can not compete with the company.

When Guo tries to win over US officials, he goes wrong way. The executive said the US has a "loser attitude" that will be like a red flag to a bull for President Donald Trump. Huawei has already shaken up a few pens in the administration by suing the US over a law that prevents the country's government agencies from using Huawei equipment. The Chair admits that the US action has "worried" the company, but says it's up to the customer to decide whether or not to buy his cell phones and network device.

Although he has not entered into any partnership with a major US carrier Last year, Huawei managed to deliver over 200 million phones worldwide, third only to Samsung and Apple. This year, the company expects to outpace both rivals to claim first place. Yesterday, we told you yesterday that Huawei's first $ 100 billion in revenue in 2018, led by a 45.1% increase in the division that makes smartphones. The network equipment business posted a year-on-year decline, possibly due to the US foreign-owned fear. Nevertheless, the company remains the world leader in network equipment.

Huawei equipment banned in Australia, and this week the UK was almost the same. Despite concerns about the risks that Huawei's 5G device poses to UK mobile operators, the UK has decided against a ban on network devices in the UK.

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