As President Donald Trump prepares for a visit to NATO and a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who says US Ambassador to the Baltic nation of Estonia he had resigned because of frustration over Trump's treatment of Washington's European allies.

In a private Facebook message on Friday, James D. Melville, a career diplomat for 33 years, wrote: "For the president to say, the EU (EU) was founded to use the United States "NATO is as bad as NAFTA" is not only factually wrong, but proves to me that it is time to go. "

Excerpts from Melville's statements were made by The Associated Press and Foreign Policy

reports "A The DNA of the Foreign Service is progr I am ready to support the policy, and we have been trained from the beginning that if there ever is a point on which to do it can not do more, especially if you're in leadership positions, the honorable course is to resign, "he wrote to Foreign Affairs." I've served under six presidents and eleven secretaries of state and never thought it would reach me. "

Melville is since 2015 US Ambassador to the Baltic Nation and NATO Member of Estonia.

The US Embassy in Tallinn did not comment immediately, reports the AP.

Trump plans to attend a NATO summit in Brussels in July, followed by a summit with Putin in Helsinki. [Http://…27&Itemid=47] In January, US Ambassador to Panama, John Feeley, resigned his post and said, "A marine diplomat and former helicopter pilot of the Marine Corps. he no longer feels able to serve the president.

"As a young foreign official, I have taken an oath to loyally serve the president and his administration non-politically, even if I could not agree with certain policies," Feeley said, according to an excerpt from a letter of resignation to Reuters.

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