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The US Federal Department believes that lawful US residents are being held in Chinese detention centers

Due to privacy concerns, they could not disclose any further details.

At a US State Department press conference, British Ambassador to International Freedom, Sam Brownback, said he had a new, unconfirmed account of a man in California whose father, a legal resident of the US, had not been heard since his return to Xinjiang was.

"He had legal status, traveled here to Xinjiang after being here with his son in California, and then he was not heard from there, and he is deeply concerned about whether and how he is being treated has several chronic diseases, he is a 75-year-old man and an intellectual, "said Brownback. [201804] The US State Department's Human Rights Report of 201

8 estimates that China has arbitrarily detained "800,000 to perhaps more than two million Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs and other Muslims in detention centers in an attempt to eradicate religious and ethnic identities."

  Uyghur refugee talks about death and fear in China Xinjiang camp

"International media, human rights organizations and former detainees reported that security forces in the camps are abusive 'Tortured and ill-treated have killed some prisoners,' the report said.

"And it's not just the camps anymore, whole villages are being surrounded and the people in the villages in this region, who also happen to be in and out, are going in and out of their movement." The situation continues and seems to be increasing in some cases escalate, not escalate, "said Brownback on Thursday.

Former inmates say they have been forced to endure intense brainwashing sessions, including in-depth studies of Communist Party propaganda. The Chinese government has defended these camps as a means of fighting the allegedly extreme tsunami in Xinjiang.

The Chinese government claims that the camps are "counter-terrorism and demobilization training and education centers".

Brownback said he raised the issue a few weeks ago with Chinese officials at the United Nations, who first denied everything and then said they were "training camps".

"I said," I get lists of names, hundreds of names sent to me that their relatives can not find, "he said.

" We strongly oppose these actions, which are Chinese Brown said back.

The Foreign Ministry reiterated its travel advice to US citizens who went to China on Thursday night and specifically warned against "additional security measures in the Xinjiang Uigher Autonomous Region."

Citizens in need abroad, "said a Foreign Ministry spokesman. "China, however, does not recognize dual citizenship, which means that in some cases China may prevent the US Embassy from providing consular services, and US Chinese and US citizens with Chinese heritage may be subject to additional examination and harassment . " [19659016] Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who met this week with Uyghur refugee Mihrigul Tursun and several other members of the Uyghur community, denounced the human rights violations in China.

"This is one of the worst human rights countries we've ever seen since the 1930s," he said in an interview in mid-March.

Michael Conte of CNN contributed to this report.

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