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The US report says the rapid modernization of the Chinese military has targeted Taiwan

"Beijing's long-standing interest in ultimately forcing Taiwan's reunification with the mainland and rejecting any attempt by Taiwan to declare independence has been the main driver of China's military modernization," the agency's report entitled "China's military power. "

The report, released on Tuesday, added, "Beijing's expectation that foreign forces would intervene in a Taiwanese scenario prompted the (People's Liberation Army) to develop a set of systems to deter the projection of foreign regional troops and refuse. "

According to estimates, Chinese spending on the armed forces in 2018 "is likely to have exceeded $ 200 billion," tripling since 2002.

In a written introduction accompanying the report, noted the director of the US Defense Department Lieutenant-General Robert Ashley wrote that China has used various means to acquire advanced technologies to strengthen its military capabilities, although some countries have attempted to restrict its access to the US in technology because of international concerns over Beijing's human rights policy.

"China has shifted resources and efforts to acquire technology in every available way Domestic laws have forced foreign partners of Chinese joint ventures to release their technology in return for entering China 's lucrative market, and China has used other means to protect its technology needed technology and expertise, "said Ashley.

While the report acknowledges this China's defense spending is significantly lower than the $ 7008 billion invested by the US in 201

8 . Beijing has an advantage in that "China did not have to invest as much in the costly research and development of new technologies United States."

"Instead, China has routinely adopted the best and most effective foreign military platforms through direct purchase, retrofitting, or theft of intellectual property This allowed China to focus on accelerating its military modernization at a fraction of the original cost, "he said.

"World's Most Advanced Weapons Systems"

China "is on the verge of deploying some of the world's most advanced weapons systems, and is already a world leader in some areas," Ashley wrote.

A high-ranking defense official said the US was concerned that China's expanded capabilities could lead its military commanders to advise their political leaders to rely on military success in a campaign against Taiwan.

"The biggest concern is that they will arrive – they are coming to a point where PLA leadership Xi Jinping can actually say that they are confident in what they can do," the official said, referring to China Referring to leaders.

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The report notes that the vast majority of China is The rocket arsenal can hit Taiwan but also points out that Beijing has developed new weapons systems, such as the H-6 bomber, armed with CJ-20 cruise missiles, with which it can strike military installations on Guam in more remote areas such as the United States.

It is said: "China has built or acquired a wide range of advanced platforms, including submarines, large warships, missile patrol boats, maritime strike aircraft, and land-based systems employing new advanced systems. Anti-ship cruise missiles and ground-to-air missiles." missiles.

"China has also developed the world's first road-going, anti-ship ballistic missile, a system specifically designed to attack hostile aircraft carriers," it says.

"China's leaders hope that possession of these military capabilities will discourage Taiwan's independence efforts or, if deterrence fails, allow for a set of tailor-made military options against Taiwan and possible third-party military intervention," the report said. [Xinhua] Xi urged Taiwan to refuse independence and to welcome "peaceful reunification" with China in a conciliatory speech, which, however, took a hard line against the political sovereignty of the self-governing island and freedoms.

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And the Chinese leader added, "We make no promise to renounce the use of force, we reserve the option for all necessary means."

Wen said the island would "never accept" an agreement "one country, two systems" with China.

While the report said, China has increased its military presence in the South China Sea and built additional military facilities on man-made islands. The Pentagon believes that China is trying to avoid a conflict.

"I think both sides have managed to be professional, and we have – it's not in Chinese interest that a crisis is breaking in the South China Sea, and I think they're pretty happy with the progress they've made working on building that infrastructure down there, and then working on negotiations with the other states of the applicant in the longer term, "the senior defense official said.

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