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The video shows Mike Perry beating an older man in front of the restaurant

A disturbing video appeared on Wednesday night in which UFC welterweight Mike Perry hit a man outside a restaurant.

The 1-minute, 43-second video of Twitter user @MMAEejit seen above starts with Perry accompanied by girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, who leaves a facility in Lubbock, Texas, identified by TMZ as Table 62 on Tuesday evening. You can hear Perry yelling at someone he obviously didn’t agree with.

After Perry has reached the exit, he refuses to go quietly in a “Fight Island” t-shirt and starts another argument. When spectators try to calm him down, Perry becomes more excited and initiates an exchange with a man with gray hair and glasses.


7;ll blow your old ass too!” Perry says.

The man replies: “You do it, mother (explicitly)!”

“Yes, let’s go, you fat piece (explicit)!” Perry says.

It is not clear from the video who takes the first step towards the other, but Perry drops the man in one fell swoop within a few seconds. Perry then shouts for someone to call the police and asks another man to secure himself while aiming the N-word at him three times.

According to the TMZ report, the restaurant management asked Perry to go, and Perry then hit the clerk. The report also stated that a police report had been submitted but no arrests were made. Perry was also said to have left without paying his bill and the restaurant was considering pursuing a theft charge.

On Tuesday, Perry released a number of cryptic tweets.

I hope Judgment Day is coming. I hope all dirty mouth losers burn in hell’s shit channels. All you will see, smell and hear are nightmares of vomit and feces that will drown you forever. Your life is shit, so you hate beauty that you will never have, but it only gets worse

🔥 🤮 💩 👃 👁 👁 👂
If you see us in public and get too close, I’ll hit you. Social distance says you have to stay 6 feet away from us. You come in my bladder, you get Sparta kicked and f * ckin ice-cold anesthetized bitch! #DimMak 👊🏻

Please try it with me. I promise I’ll baptize you Jesus in the name of the street!

Perry won a unanimous win against Mickey Gall in Las Vegas on June 27, for which Gonzalez served as his sole cornerstone.

Before becoming a professional fighter, 28-year-old Perry spent six months in prison in 2011 for violating his parole after being convicted of armed robbery.

Both UFC representatives and Perry’s management, who are in Abu Dhabi for UFC 251, were not available for immediate comment.

UPDATE: Shortly after the publication of this article, Perry made a short tweet.

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