Thanks to a study of the Kelly twins, NASA confirms that space travel can change the genes of astronauts even after their return to Earth.

OLD BRIDGE – How is space?

"Indescribable," NASA's NASA astronaut Jon McBride said during a visit to the James McDivitt Elementary School last Friday March 23 to help mark the 50th anniversary of the school.

But McBride h He has no problems, the Eig Described by his NASA colleague James McDivitt, whom he met in 1978 during one of McDivitt's routine visits to the Houston International Space Center, Texas.

"Jim McDivitt is dedicated, personable and friendly, McBride said of his friend, who would not be able to celebrate the school named in his honor.

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"I'm not sure if I've ever been to a school After one of my astronaut friends, this is a special day for me and everyone else with him Home together, "said 74-year-old McBride.

McDivitt, 88, flew in NASA's Apollo and Gemini programs. As a Brigadier General in the US Air Force when he retired, and someone who has blown up virtually all types of aircraft, "McDivitt is absolutely inspirational," said Laurie Anne Coletti, director of McDivitt.

For the anniversary, McBride celebrated how he got where he was with a sense of joy, pleasure and fun. In his lectures he said he hopes to inspire children to go on the same journey. "width =" 540 "height =" 405 "data-mycapture-src =" jpg "data-mycapture-sm-src ="×281/local/-/media/2018/03/27/NJGroup/Bridgewater/636577643395475928 -IMG-20180323-132712834.jpg "/>

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NASA Astronaut, Captain Jon McBrides Visit to the James McDivitt Elementary School On Friday it was very special for students and staff, including in attendance. (Photo: ~ Courtesy of Dave Schatz)